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The Escort Passport S55 suffers from being the black sheep of the Escort family. Still, even black sheeps have something to bring to the table. In the S55’s case, it’s Dark Mode, which other Escort modes don’t have. Check out our best radar detector list to learn more and decide which one is right for you! If you’re always looking for the next high tech car accessories, take a look at our the MIRT or scariest device ever review too.

Why We Like It – Escort Passport S55

The Escort Passport S55 is a budget-friendly alternative to most of Escort’s and other companies’ other products. But don’t let the budget-friendly moniker fool you. The Escort Passport S55 still boasts plenty of juice. Enough to protect you from speed traps and red-light cameras with all the extra bells and whistles.

  • V-Tuned Receiver picks up different types of Radar Bands
  • Dark mode for extra discreteness
  • Affordable

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  • No bluetooth or GPS
  • Not Escort Live Compatible
  • Feels a little outdated


Although it doesn’t come with GPS, the Escort Passport S55 does come with Auto-Sensitivity mode and Travel Signal Rejection (TSR) which, working in tandem, can lessen false alarms. The Escort Passport S55 Radar employs what Escort calls a V-Tuned Receiver which can make you aware of many different types of radar bands and even the laser detector used on laser guns. If the Escort S55 still seems a little out-dated for you, try the Escort Max360 radar detector, our pick for one of the best radar detectors available today.


The Escort Passport S55 lacks bluetooth which means it also lacks access to the Escort Live app which users depend on for real-time information on traffic traps. The Passport S55 does have a plastic case, but it does feel durable, which is a nice surprise. The S55 Radar also features a dark mode which allows it to be more discreet that other Escort products or even other radar detectors like the Uniden R3DSP Long-Range Radar Detector, one of Escort’s biggest rivals.


One of the great things about the Passport S55 Radar Detector is that it’s pretty easy to use and feels intuitive even before reading the user manual. The S55 Radar Detector is also quite cheap in comparison to many other models. With a price tag of $130.00, compared to Escort’s other products like the Escort iX Long Range Radar Detector’s price of almost $400, the S55 is a great introduction into the world of radar protection and police radar avoidance. You can check out our guide on the best cordless radar detectors for more great options.

Escort Passport S55 Wrap Up

The Escort Passport S55 features all the things you would want from a radar detector as a very affordable price without all these fancy gizmos and gadgets. However, the lack of these gizmos also makes the Escort S55 feel outdated compared to its cousins. The loss of Escort Live, and by extension Defender, is a huge blow to this little unit.

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