Those looking for the best cobra radar detector should check this out.  Both Escort, Inc. and NAV-TV Corp. have announced a partnership to create a new and very welcome interface for modern radar detectors. This interface will be called the CLiR, for Cluster Integrated Radar, and it does a lot more than just give you a screen for updates or warnings.

CLiR is changing the way that you interact with radar detectors entirely, and we fully expect it to appear on our top radar detectors list in some form.

So, how does CLiR work? It’s a CAN or controller area network that basically helps the detector communicate with your vehicle’s own computer. In today’s average vehicle, filled with screens and dashboard notifications, that’s good news: It allows you to control detector power, volume, sensitivity, locating tools, laser functions and software right from your steering wheel or dashboard controls. Basically, you won’t ever have to reach other and push buttons on this Escort radar model – all the controls are right there in front of you, which means fewer distractions on the road and better control over your settings.

Escort PassPort 8500
As you can see, Escort makes a good detector, but manual controls are a little tricky.

Additionally, the CLiR system provides several other connections and tools to give you more control over the radar detector. You can shut down auto laser shifting if you prefer – something that may be necessary to meet certain state regulations. The included USB port can help you with software updates and other data needs. There’s also an adapter that allows you to directly power the radar detector via your vehicle.

While the features of been announced, it isn’t entirely clearly how the product will work in hands-on testing…at least not yet. It appears to be a single product (in other words, not split into two components) with a couple plug-in options, one that is only compatible with a few vehicles – currently a few Audi models and an upcoming Porsche, with plans for more integrations with systems from BMW, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, and most other major automakers outside of Asia. There’s no final word on price yet, but we’ll let you know when we have more details.

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