The Epson LS100 Review

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Updated November 28, 2022
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94 Expert Rating

With incredible images displayed in staggering brightness, it’s easy to see why the Epson LS100 is the seventh-best projector for bright rooms on the market. Long lamp life and generous warranty make for a sturdy projector that can be enjoyed for many years, though it comes with the drawbacks of some fan noise and being unable to be mounted from the ceiling.

Why We Like It – The Epson LS100

The Epson LS100 projector is a powerhouse designed to bring top quality and performance to your living room. This ultra-short-throw laser projector delivers excellent picture quality even in bright areas, and will reliably provide an exceptional viewing experience for years to come.

  • Exceptional picture quality
  • High brightness
  • Good durability
  • Slightly noisy fan
  • Incompatible with ceiling mount


The Epson LS100 offers incredible picture quality, only being outdone by 4K projectors such as the Viewsonic PX747. A native full HD 1080p resolution is complemented by an extremely high dynamic contrast ratio of 2,500,000:1, displaying vibrant colors and deep black levels from this ultra-short-throw projector’s laser light source. This offers a superior color experience over even the Acer H7850 and most other ultra-short-throw projectors. Unlike most laser projectors, the LS100 does produce a bit of fan noise. If this is a deal-breaker for you, try the Vankyo Performance V600 projector.


The Epson Home Cinema LS100 offers an impressive light output, boasting a maximum white and color brightness of 4,000 lumens, which is the same lumens you’ll find on the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1440 projector. Thanks to the home theater system’s incredible contrast ratio, your viewing experience won’t be disrupted by the presence of ambient light, and images will be projected faithfully in bright environments. As with all projectors, however, the best experience will always be had in a sufficiently dark room, though it’s hardly necessary for the LS100.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

For all the strengths of the Epson LS100, it can also be highly adjusted. Though it possesses no lens shift feature, most ultra-short-throw projectors don’t require one, being so close to the screen or wall. Even being so close, the projector still boasts a maximum image size of 120”. However, the LS100 does come with both vertical and horizontal keystone correction, as well as focus and zoom adjustability to provide the optimal viewing experience every time. Unfortunately, the LS100 cannot flip images, limiting placement options to shelves or tables, as it cannot project properly from a ceiling mount.


The Epson LS100 is built to last with a large, sturdy frame of 17.2×19.4×6.8”. The bulb has an average lifespan of around 20,000 hours in normal mode, though this may be reduced with more frequent use, or while using other modes such as bright cinema mode or game mode. Epson also includes a generous 2-year warranty on the projector, guaranteeing the user plenty of use and support for many years.


While the Epson Home Cinema LS100 has a hefty price tag, its quality features make it worth every penny. Providing quality images that come second only to true 4K projectors, as well as an incredible maximum brightness, various adjustability features, and excellent durability, the Epson LS100 is a good value despite its cost. Few projectors, such as the Vankyo Performance V600, can provide superior value.

Epson LS100 Wrap Up

Despite it being unable to be mounted from the ceiling, the Epson LS100 still has plenty of adjustability features, and its slightly loud fan noise can be reduced by using quiet mode. These minor flaws are easily eclipsed by the incredible performance offered by the LS100, making it a great projector for anyone wanting quality images with serious brightness and exceptional longevity.

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