Epoch Making USB Car Humidifier Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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75 Expert Rating

If you’re looking for the best car diffuser you may consider the Epoch Making USB Car Humidifier. This device is not made for use with essential oils, but it is still effective at refreshing the air inside of your vehicle. These mini portable humidifiers are perfect for use near a baby, in homes, offices, vehicles, or anywhere else that you decide to humidify.

Why We Like It – Epoch Making USB Car Humidifier

The Epoch Making USB Car Humidifier is a small & lightweight air purifier that is perfect for travel, home, baby, office, and car use. It has adjustable mist modes, and its light quiet operation means it can also make a great night light!

  • Multi-Function Button For Easy Operation
  • Usable As A 7 Colors LED Night Light
  • This Car Humidifier Is Offered In White, Pink, & Black
  • Not Recommended For Use With Essential Oil
  • No Warranty Offered


This device is made for easy operation (adjustable mist modes are controlled by one button). It works very well compared to similar mini portable humidifiers. Air quality can be hard to maintain; this humidifier helps fight dust build-up and prevent static electricity. Unfortunately, it is not recommended for use with essential oils because it is not a diffuser. If you want an essential oil diffuser as well as a humidifier, you will have to consider a different product such as the InnoGear Essential Refresher Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser. It can, however, double as a night light (quiet operation makes this possible).

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Like the Gulaki Diffuser Essential Oils Multifunction, the Epoch Making USB Car Humidifier can be used to charge your mobile devices thanks to its USB port. Home, baby, office, car, and travel are all ways that you can use these portable humidifiers. Air purifier devices can be loud, but this humidifier has light, quiet operation (adjustable mist) because it uses ultrasonic vibrations to diffuse water. You can also use it as a LED night light. Quiet nanotechnology ensures your baby will sleep undisturbed throughout the night, & the device will automatically turn off after four hours.


This humidifier is slightly cheaper than similar products, at only $16.88, although this could be due to the fact that it is a humidifier, not a diffuser. If you’re looking for a diffuser, the RoyAroma Aromatherapy Essential Stainless Freshener is a non-electronic cheap alternative. The Epoch Making Humidifier has the standard free shipping and returns, but much like other products, it does not come with a warranty. However, it does have a score of 3.9/5 stars based on 981 ratings, so most customers don’t seem to have a need for a warranty anyway. If you spend a long time driving, it’s important to stay comfortable, especially if you have back pain. If you need a good cushion, take a look at our Everlasting Comfort Cushion Designed Tailbone review.

Epoch Making USB Car Humidifier Wrap Up

The Epoch Making USB Car Humidifier is an affordably priced humidifier that works perfectly for the purpose that it’s intended for. It is not recommended for use with essential oils, so you will have to buy a diffuser if you want a product that will add a pleasant smell to your vehicle (or home), but if improving the air quality is your only goal then this humidifier will work quite well.

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