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For those browsing the best electric mountain bikes, it’s time we check out the Engwe EP-2. Fitted with a 500W brushless gear motor, the eBike can propel itself to 22mph. And with thick, fat tires that are great off-road, rain, or snow, and 60Nm of torque, it even champions steep inclines.

Why We Like It – Engwe

The Engwe EP-2 E Bike is the ideal partner for camping: foldable design is easy to transport, fat tires are great for off-road adventures (rain or snow), and you can reach 22mph.

  • 500W brushless gear motor; 22mph top speed
  • Fat tires are great for off-road and weather
  • Foldable design; easy to store & transport
  • 25 miles on a single charge
  • Assembly required

Durability & Build Quality

You wouldn’t expect it from a single glance, but the Engwe EP-2 is tough for having an aluminum alloy frame. It’s surprising because it can pull 330 lbs of weight. The handlebar stands taller than the seat, which keeps the rider upright, and the saddle is soft and comfortable for long trips.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Going 22mph (with assisted mode) is like traveling with the wind, two miles more than the NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike. Those high speeds are thanks to its 500W brushless gear motor. Just as important is the amount of torque goes into the bike, up to 60Nm, which is great on inclines.

Range & Battery

Battery range could use some serious work. On a good day, you’ll travel 25 miles, while the ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike can travel 40 miles. But if you use electric mode, and make the bike do the work, the lithium battery struggles to reach 15 miles.

Safety Features

The Engwe EP-2 can certainly be described as a “snow bike.” Its thick, beefy tires are great in snow, with plenty of transaction, grip, and Tektro disc brakes are quite impressive when battling weather. Long fenders keep dirt and water from hitting you. However, the front headlamp is quite dim.


The Engwe EP-2 hits so many of the right notes, that we’d recommend this to both beginners and riders needing an upgrade, over the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike. It has great speed and solid overall performance, and it’s portable; the ideal companion for camping. Also, it’s perfectly priced. We only suggest you replace the headlamp and battery as soon as possible.

Engwe Wrap Up

The Engwe EP-2 impresses us in just about every aspect, except battery life. Only because it performs so well that you’ll want to ride longer. Who’s arguing against 22mph top speed? Its fat tires are great in weather and off-road, while the 60Nm torque is plenty for mountain climbing.

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