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If you’re an older individual looking for an eBike that’s sporty, fun, and easy to use, the best electric bike for seniors is arguably the Emojo Panther. For starters, it keeps your back in an upright, relaxed position, relieving any strain on your back. And if you feel like dialing up the fun, hit the on-demand throttle and take off at 20mph.

Why We Like It – Emojo Panther

With on-demand throttle, the 500W motor on the Emojo Panther can top you off at 20mph, while keeping you in an upright, relaxed position that’s much better for the backs of older bones.

  • 500W motor w/ on-demand throttle
  • Keeps you in an upright, relaxed position
  • Tektro mechanical brakes w/ 160mm rotors
  • Base model lacks most of its greatest features

Durability & Build Quality

The Panther Emojo Electric Bike has a frame made of 6061 aluminum alloy, which is tougher than 7005, albeit less resistant. Its step-thru frame makes it easier to mount and dismount. When sitting, you’re in an upright, relaxed position, complemented with swept back handlebars and Wellgo plastic platform pedals, like the E-Joe Angunn Electric Comfort Bike. It’s overall much better on your back.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Press the thumb throttle and you’ll get a kick from the 500W motor and hit a maximum speed of 20mph. It will also provide you with cadence based pedal assist and 7 speeds from its Shimano Altus system, which is a nice combo with its fat tires.

Range & Battery

The 48V/10.4ah lithium-ion battery (that’s its battery type) has a battery range of 45 miles, nearly 10 more miles than the VoltBike Elegant. Going 20mph, you could reach over an hour of battery life.

Safety Features

The Emojo Panther Electric Bicycle has several nice safety features we really appreciate. The choice to include brake type Tektro discs, with 160mm rotors was a good once. It’s not uncommon for Tektro to compete with Shimano in performance. More importantly, the motor inhibitor will cut power to the motor when you brake.


To get more bang for your buck, the $2199 model includes additional features like MOZO spring suspension, fenders, rear rack, LCD display, and suspension fork; otherwise you’re missing out on added safety, smoothness, and the ability to commute. If you aren’t picking up the more expensive option, take the ElectroBike Gama Cruise for $1500.

Emojo Panther Wrap Up

The Emojo Panther, in its base form, is a fun bike for casual use. Unfortunately, it’s more expensive model is clearly the better option with added safety, the ability to commute with an added rear rack, and better handling. However, even in its base form, having on-demand throttle is awesome, and the Tektro brakes stop on a dime. And an upright, relaxed sitting position is better on your back, too.

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