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If you’re ready to upgrade from your beginner’s e-bike to the best electric bike, the Emojo Electric Bike is among the best electric fat bikes. Its powerful 500W motor and fat, 4-inch thick wheels will propel you across a variety of terrain at 20mph. And when you’re ready to pack up, you can fold it for easy storage.

Why We Like It – Emojo Bike

The Emojot Electric Bike serves as the ideal upgrade from a beginner’s e-bike, thanks to its 500W motor and fat, 4-inch tires that easily propel you across sand and dirt at 20mph. For a more relaxed bike with front and rear baskets, read the Emojo caddy pro electric trike review.

  • 500W motor; 20mph top speed
  • Folds for easy storage, transportation, & carrying
  • Fat tires can tread through sand, mud, dirt, & more
  • Only travels 30 miles on single charge
  • Rider height limit around 5’10”

Durability & Build Quality

The Lynx Emojo Electric Bike continues the trend of a lightweight and strong aluminum frame, built with folding points for easy transportation, storage, and carrying. It’s only 55 lbs (w/ battery). For a lighter option, the FIIDO D1 folding electric bike weighs about 11 lbs less but also has a lower top speed of about 15.5 mph. However, it’s slightly more compact than Addmotor Motan. Anyone taller than 5’10” will have trouble riding. Therefore, make sure you find the right size for your own height when shopping for portable ebikes that fold.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The powerful 500W motor that’s fitted to the Lynx Emojo Electric Bike can really turn the screws. With pedal assist, you’ll be topping 20mph in no time, whether it’s on sand or smooth pavement. Alternatively, if you like riding around your neighborhood, you can upgrade to the bike in this Emojo Panther review.

On the other hand, if you want an ebike that can reach 60mph speeds, check out our list of the best Luna Cycle electric bikes.

Range & Battery

Unfortunately, you won’t get to enjoy that speed for long. On a single charge, the Emojo Electric Bike can travel up to 30 miles. This is slightly longer than the ECOTRIC folding ebike at 25 miles per charge and has the same top speed. Ideally, you’ll get an hour to 1.5 hours of riding time. For a similar bike, read our Gazelle electric bikes review.

Safety Features

The Lynx Emojo Electric Bike isn’t fitted with many safety features other than reliable Tektro disc brakes on both the front and back wheels. To be fair, they’re great brakes—even comparable to Shimano brakes, so much so that they often use the same padding. Remember to consider whether should you get an electric bike right now, if you’re not certain about the safety features.


The Lynx Emojo Electric bikes are one of Emojo’s best-selling e-bikes, and for good reason. It’s a reliable electric bike with a good top speed, strong durability, and a foldable design. Its fat tires are great on a variety of terrains, making it more of an off-road bike than an electric mountain bike. Despite its average battery life, the electric bikes Emojo creates are perfect upgrades for beginner bikes while staying affordable. For beginners, the Aceshin 26 is $600.

Emojo Electric Bike Wrap Up

The Emojo Electric Bike has a few weaknesses: limited rider heights and an average battery. Taller individuals will have problems riding. Despite that, the Lynx model is still a great bike for those looking for an upgrade from their beginner ride without breaking the bank. Its 500W motor and 20mph is ideal and fat tires means terrain is not an issue. It also helps that it’s foldable.