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Updated August 14, 2022
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Before buying any appliance for your kitchen, it’s always great to carry out some kind of background research so that you have a good idea of the kind of experience that an appliance will be capable of offering. This might include reading through customer reviews to get an idea of what customers had to say about it. Or, you can have a look at some of our recommended reviews, like the Dacor microwave or the Kenmore 7212 microwave.

If you need a microwave, for example, some of the things that you would need to consider include its power output, its size, and also the kind of features that would make it worthwhile to use in the kitchen. The Emerson MWG9115SB microwave promises to overdeliver in all these instances, and as a microwave that’s both great looking and easy to operate, it easily qualifies as one of the best microwaves for college dorms.

Why We Like It – EMERSON MWG9115SB

The Emerson MWG9115SB microwave is perfect for being able to either grill or microwave your food, and with a power output of up to 1100 Watts, it is easily capable of cooking heavy-duty meals and grilling your favorite foods.

  • 11 Power levels
  • 9 Auto Cook presets
  • Sleek design
  • No keep warm feature

Power & Performance

The Emerson MWG911SB countertop microwave oven has a power output of about 1100 Watts, making it a lot faster than the 700 Watt Nostalgia RMO770RED in terms of how long it’ll take for your food to get ready. You’ll get up to 10 power levels to choose from, meaning you’ll always be able to get the right amount of power that is required to get the best results from your cooking.


The MWG9115SB Emerson microwave has a brushed stainless steel casing that gives it an elegant look, and also prevents any leakage of microwave energy. At 1.2 Cubic feet, the microwave is also reasonably large, so you will be able to do a bit of heavy-duty cooking with it. It’s got a 10-inch turntable inside that can be removed for easy washing, and it’s got a grab handle instead of a push-to-release button that’s perfect for getting the microwave oven door open.

Ease of Use

To have you spend even less time whipping up a meal, the Emerson countertop microwave oven allows you to have up to 9 pre-programmed recipes. You’ll be able to prepare foods such as popcorn and chicken, and even defrost frozen foods and vegetables in minutes. The glass-touch key controls on the MWG9115SB microwave oven also give it a very sleek and elegant look, and this allows it to easily blend in with your modern kitchen. Check out the Breville Quick Touch BMO734XL for another microwave with similar easy-to-use features.

Added Features & Versatility

The Emerson MWG9115SB microwave features a grilling element that allows you to easily grill your food, making it great for when you want to roast your chicken or make your pizza extra crispy. This is a feature that you won’t find on the Toshiba EM925A5A-BS, so if you like your meat dry & crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside, consider going for the Emerson microwave.


The only place where the Emerson MWG9115SB microwave is beaten out by the AmazonBasics microwave is the fact that the Emerson microwave doesn’t allow for voice activation, but aside from that, they’re pretty much on the same level as far as performance and power are concerned. We do wish that the microwave was equipped with a beeper off button to allow for quiet operation, but it does come with a child lock to prevent any unauthorized use.


Emerson radio is one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the US. Their products are very popular among American consumers, and as a company that started by manufacturing radios, they’ve come a very long way to become what they are today.

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