Have you ever been in a meeting with a bad conference phone? I know you have. You’re trying to have a productive meeting, but the audio quality is so bad, that it just messes everything up. It’s a pain and everyone in the meeting suffers. You need the best smart speaker.

This Speaker Makes Meetings A Breeze

You aren’t likely to have that problem with the eMeet M2 AI Powered Wireless Conference Speaker. This AI-powered device gives you outstanding audio quality every time, making sure that meetings go smoothly and that information gets conveyed the first time you hear it.

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This conference speaker has no messy cables to get in the way and it makes low audio quality a thing of the past. Your calls should not stink because you are having a hard time hearing and being heard. It connects to your phone or tablet using Bluetooth. You can also connect it with a laptop via USB. You can hook it up to a TV too.

The key to this device’s sound quality is in its multiple omnidirectional mics. The crystal clear sound is also helped by the built-in VoiceIA algorithm (Noise Suppression, Echo Cancellation & Vocal Booster). This combination of technologies makes sure that everyone can be heard from any direction, even in noisy environments or a large and busy conference room. It provides in-room coverage for up to 8 people. You’ll never need another conference speaker after the eMeet M2.

It won’t take up much space on the office table either since this device has a compact and portable design. You can take it with you and hold meetings anywhere. In fact, it weighs just 9.2 ounces.

eMeet M2 AI Powered Wireless Conference Speaker
The eMeet M2 sounds crystal clear.

Compact, Portable and Clear

You’ll be happy to know that it is also virtual assistant compatible so you can interact with Siri, Cortana or Google Now with the one-touch Smart button. And when you are taking a break between meetings, use it to pump out some tunes and relax.

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  1. I purchased 4 emeet smart conference speakers. I have AUX connection question: We have an ATT model tl88002 wireless phone that connects to a landline. The phone headset is 2.5 mm. I am trying to connect the supplied 3mm cable to the 2.5 mm female. Ihave purchased two different adapters, neither works. I need a recommendation on an adapter to purchase that will connect the supplied 3 mm male to the phone 2.5 mm. Do you have a recommendation???/ Help!!!

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