We’re used to exotic names for office chairs, but the Elysium may be the first model to truly earn its title and it’s ethereal look. This isn’t so much an office chair as it is a study in just how comfortable sitting can be – and a price tag to match those goals. You would have to pay $26,000 for this office chair, and while it may be one of the best office chairs of 2019, it’s not exactly what most business people have in mind for their desks.

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But let’s look at the details. It’s difficult to know how much of this is real, but David Hugh, the seller, claims that Dr. David Wickett has been working for more than ten years in the field of bioengineering to create an equation that defines posture and gravitational force. It sounds ridiculous, but apparently the Elysium chair was the result, and there are some surprisingly authentic-looking graphs on the site to explain just what all this means.

Elysium Front
Elysium may have a Victorian-like style, but it does look comfortable.

More reassuring are the solid specs: Elysium uses a carbon fiber frame with fused upholstery springs at various locations. It’s covered by viscoelastic foams, and can be switched between lockable recline and free motion, depending on what you want.

The general goal is to create a smooth, weightless experience that swivels your body more than it swivels the chair. Now we haven’t quite got one for testing yet (fingers crossed), but if it really does what it claims that is a very impressive chair for relaxing or possibly entering the null plane. We’re not sure how useful it would be in the office world, but there’s probably a tech CEO or two who would like to give it a whirl. We’ll keep an eye open to see if it comes to any trade shows for some real-life experiences.

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