ELV Motors Shows Off 180MPG Hybrid Scooter: VKM 50

We love fun on 2 wheels, whether it’s a Harley or a 50cc scooter. But…

It goes without saying: times are tough for Americans right now.  We’re all boot strapped and even though the price per barrel of oil is going down gasoline isn’t. The VKM 50, ELV’s latest hybrid scooter manages a surreal 180MPG thanks to it’s 49cc gas powered electric engine. Top speed maxes out at 40MPH, but with this kind of mileage who cares.  ELV plans to roll out a 149cc version, which will probably push the VKM 50 to highway speed capable.  Best of all, it’ll only cost $2,895! Buy this and gift your kids a cool electric scooter, glean useful actionable tips from our Electric Scooters for Kids Buyers Guide.


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  1. Prior to selling any product ELV Motors fleet certifies each bike and scooter. The Veken products were deemed unsafe and poorly designed so we decided not to carry them. The 500w motor did not have enough power to go over the side walk in our driveway, the engine would not work consistently, the batteries would not get more than 5 miles before dying, the gas tank is so poorly placed that you are forced to overspill gas into the storage compartment, the key will probably break in under a year and more. The Veken company admits that there are problems but refuses to take them back. They suggest we sell them to the public despite the problems we have had.

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