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Elroy: A Magnetic Bluetooth Headphone Dock (video)

I’ve long lamented about headphone cords and how easy it is to get snared in them during a workout.  A simple solution is an all in one device, such as Sony’s new line of Sport Walkmans.  But they hardly contain enough music for repeated use, and since all of my music consumption comes by way of Spotify I’m under utilizing the service I pay $10 a month for.  Moreover, I have a pair of extremely nice headphones that deliver superior noise isolation and sound quality.  So what’s a fella like me to do?

Enter the Elroy.  It’s a Kickstarter project that promises to untether your headphones from your smartphone using a lightweight and small Bluetooth module.  These cool looking workout headphones has a built-in clip to adhere it to clothing, and with a weight of just 12 grams, it shouldn’t prove encumbering such as those sport armbands that are designed to securely hold your iPhone or Android smartphone in place.  For added convenience, and just all together coolness, the Elroy includes a set of magnet touch points that will allow you to dock your earbuds – included are a set of stick on magnets – and pause music by docking them, or answer calls by removing them.  It’s a bit of a novel feature and one that could prove to be more a nuisance than convenience – calls could inadvertently be answered in a moving bag.

That all being said, a set of volume controls, as well as an answer button, much like the one found on your included iPhone headphones, skips tracks as well as pauses music playback.  Battery life is a purported 5 hour talk time and 100 hour standby time.

If the project reaches $100,000 in funding they’ll develop their own headphones, but for now they’re including a set of standard issued ones.  Pledging $89 will get you your own Elroy.

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  1. Jépat

    Very good idea !

    But, in the car, put his seatbelt is also a good idea !!!

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