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Updated October 6, 2022

E-scooter tires are an essential part of deciding what should be the best electric scooter for you. Whether your rides are over a flat surface or rugged terrain, there is a type of tire for either. While the choices may seem overwhelming, this beginner’s guide to electric scooter tires will clear the confusion and get you riding in no time.


  • There are three main types of electric scooter tires – air-filled tires (pneumatic), solid tires (non-pneumatic), and honeycomb, a hybrid type.
  • Air-filled tires offer good shock absorption but are susceptible to flats.
  • Solid tires require minimal maintenance and are exceptionally durable but offer little shock absorption.

Which Type of ELECTRIC SCOOTER Tire is Right for Me?

Depending on the type of electric scooter rides you want, there are some specific features to look out for in your tires. There are three main types of tires to consider: air-filled tires (pneumatic), solid tires (non-pneumatic), and honeycomb, which is a type of hybrid. Most electric scooter pros recommend air-filled tires 80 to 90 percent of the time, but certain cases call for more durable solid tires. If there is an issue with one of your tires, you can read how to change a wheel or electric scooter tire to fix it. This can be especially helpful if you like to off-road. And if you do enjoy this, be sure to check our list of the top big wheel and fat tire electric scooters.

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There are three main types of tires to consider: air-filled tires (pneumatic), solid tires (non-pneumatic), and honeycomb, which is a type of hybrid.

Air-Filled Tires (Pneumatic Tires)

Air-filled electric scooter tires come in two types: tubed or tubeless. This type of tire is typically seen on bicycles and some motorcycles. These pneumatic tires are both vulnerable to flat tires, but they offer more shock absorption than solid tires. They also have better traction and are generally better for paved roads. Which is where you want to be riding if you want your scooter to have the maximum range on a single charge. That said, there are some key differences to consider between tubed tires and tubeless tires. For a great electric scooter that uses these tires, check out the Zero 10X 52V.

Tubed Tires

Tubed or tube tires are a type of pneumatic tire that uses an internal inner tube to hold air. They are more cost-effective and easier to replace than tubeless tires. They also do not need to be refilled as often as tubeless tires. That said, tubed tires are more likely to suffer punctures, and you cannot use tire sealant in the event of a puncture (large or small).

Tubeless Tires

Tubeless tires are pneumatic tires with no inner tube that rely on a vacuum seal around the rim to hold air. These tires are more durable than tubed tires, and tire sealant can take care of small punctures. Tubeless tires are much more difficult to replace and usually require the use of a mechanic. Tubeless tires also require more frequent monitoring of air pressure and refilling. Letting a tubeless tire get too low might result in leaks and flat tires due to a break in the vacuum seal around the rim.

Solid Tires

Solid tires are a type of electric scooter tire made entirely of rubber or filled with polyurethane foam. These airless tires are flat-free and require much less maintenance than pneumatic tires. While these solid rubber tires are better for rough terrain, they offer less shock absorption. This is one of the reasons why electric scooter suspension is important for rider comfort. They have less friction than pneumatic tires on wet surfaces. Also, a solid tire is more challenging to replace than a pneumatic tire. That said, you won’t have to worry about it nearly as often as you would with an air-filled tire.

Honeycomb Tires

Honeycomb tires are a type of tire that seeks to blend the durability of a solid rubber tire while retaining the comfortable rides of a pneumatic tire. Honeycomb tires take their name from air pockets left in the solid rubber to simulate the level of shock absorption in an air-filled tire. They have a better grip than plain solid rubber tires, and they’re better at handling uneven terrain than pneumatic tires, even when engaging the scooter throttle. Just like solid tires, no need to check tire pressure.


Letting a tubeless tire get too low might result in leaks and flat tires due to a break in the vacuum seal around the rim.


What is the Best Tire Size for Electric Scooters?

The average electric scooter tire diameter is between 6 and 10 inches—a larger tire results in a more comfortable and faster ride. Smaller tires do the opposite but take corners better.

Can I Replace My Solid Tires with Pneumatic Tires?

It is generally impossible to go from a solid tire to a pneumatic tire without some severe modifications to your electric scooter.

Can I Replace My Pneumatic Tires with Solid Tires?

While it is usually difficult, it is possible to go from air-filled tires to solid tires.

Can You Plug an Electric Scooter Tire?

Generally, yes, but as long as you intend on fully repairing the tire as soon as possible. A badly plugged electric scooter tire can be severely dangerous.

STAT: In almost 90% of situations, pneumatic tires are the better option. (source)

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