Electric Portable Inflator Balloon Decoration Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’ve ever doubted your decisions, chances are it was when you were hand pumping hundreds of balloons. Your hands aching and eventually clamming up, you shouted to the heavens: why is this so hard? Make your job easier with the best balloon pump, the Electric Portable Inflator Balloon Decoration. It blows up balloons automatically at an impressive rate. This gadget charges the fun children have with the best toys games.

Why We Like It – Electric Portable Inflator Balloon Decoration

If you’re a party planner and constantly work with hundreds of balloons—filled with air—then you need this electric pump. Blowing up 100 balloons in under 30 minutes is an impressive feat.

  • Can inflate two balloons at the same time
  • Has an automatic mode
  • Free shipping
  • Doesn’t work with helium, only blows air


It didn’t matter if we threw latex balloons or mylar balloons at it, this balloon inflator blew them up in record time. The AGPTEK Electric Balloon Pumps is capable of blowing up a single balloon in 2-3 seconds—but it didn’t end there. If you noticed, there’s two nozzles. This means it can do that twice in a row. That kind of performance is what also drew us to a similar electric pump, the Yofit Portable Electric Inflator Decorations. Either way, that’s incredibly faster than a simple hand pump. In fact, having two modes manually and automatic, is what really put it on the map. Creating things like a balloon arch for baby showers or parties can easily be done in 30 minutes. Do you like to hit free flying ducks while they soar? Read our duck hunter launch and load review.


There was only one other aspect of the AGPTEK Decorative Balloon Double Pump Balloon Air Pump to match its performance: its portable design. Along the top is a handle, which made it easy to carry around the electric pump. It’s also only 1.3kg or 2.86 lbs. And the electric cable? There’s a small compartment to fold and store it along the side. In other words: the AGPTEK Electric Air Balloon Pump Portable Dual Nozzle is easy to take from one place to another—just like the IDAODAN Portable Electric Inflator Decorations.


The Electric Air Balloon Pump Rose Red Portable Dual Nozzle Inflator Blower for Party Decoration proved to be an invaluable tool, whether it was for birthday party decorations or a wedding. If you have hundreds of balloons to inflate, it doesn’t matter how cheap the Tota 2 Way Action Balloon Pump For Balloons is: you need the AGPTEK Electric Balloon Blower Pump to get the job done. And at $22, it doesn’t cost much; free shipping is even tossed in there to sweeten the deal. Looking for toys that can keep your kids active? Read our elite outdoor toys games for kids review.

Electric Portable Inflator Balloon Decoration Wrap Up

The AGPTEK Electric Portable Inflator Balloon Decoration was a great workhorse for what we needed it for. Being able to inflate 100 balloons in under 30 minutes was invaluable for creating balloon arches and pillars. Sure, it doesn’t have helium—but that’s its own system that isn’t always necessary. And to top it off: free shipping and additional nozzles. A sweet package every party planner needs.

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