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Not all electric bikes are created equally, so when you’re looking for the best e bikes for women, you generally want something that fits your generally smaller frame. In that case, the Electric City Bike is a tempting offer. With a top speed of 20mph, 25 mile range, and dual-rack design, this is a great commuter’s bike.

Why We Like It – Electric City Bike

The Electric City Bike confidently shows off its jack-of-all-trades nature: 20mph top speed, two designated areas for storage, wrapped in an affordable price.

  • Top speed of 20mph
  • Front and rear rack
  • Great budget option
  • Not as comfortable for taller individuals

Durability & Build Quality

The NAKTO Camel Electric City Bike is built rather well for such an affordable price. The entire frame is made of steel. More importantly, fenders and suspension fork were added for additional durability. The suspension fork in particular will improve your riding experience. We would’ve preferred disc brakes, but the rim and drum brake combo still has good stopping power.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The NAKTO Camel Electric City Bike is average in the speed department. At most, it tops off its speed at 20mph, either by using the pedal assist or trigger throttle. It uses a 250W hub motor to push its speed, which is enough to get you to and back when commuting in a timely manner. The Lapierre eSensium 300 will have you doing most of the work.

Range & Battery

The range on the NAKTO Camel Electric City Power Bikes are also average. With the 36V/10.4Ah lithium-ion battery working at peak performance, you’ll squeeze 25 miles on average. This can increase and decrease depending on the amount of pedaling you do.

Safety Features

NAKTO added the bare minimum of safety features, with a few added features that we appreciate. An HD LED headlight easily cuts through shadows and opens up some night time riding. The brake motor has a safety cut-off, and there is a locking kickstand.


The NAKTO Camel Electric City Bike does more than expensive electric bikes would dare to do. To be fair, it may not be the most durable when compared to, say, a Liv Thrive E+ 1 Pro—but a steel frame is still incredibly strong. What’s most enticing is the dual-rack design, allowing for a small basket in the front and a large rear basket in the back. All things considered, this is an easy purchase for commuters, and cheaper than the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 45.

Electric City Bike Wrap Up

The Electric City Bike is a well-rounded bike for commuters looking for a budget option. This can be seen by its solid performing motor and battery, pumping out 20mph with a 25 mile range, respectively. More importantly, its dual-rack design means carrying extra groceries is a cinch. This is geared towards women, however, taller individuals aren’t as comfortable.

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