How to Fix Broken Lights on Your Electric Bike

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Updated September 4, 2022

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes it’s cheaper and easier to just replace the entire light on your eBike.
  • Your light’s wires can easily get knocked loose during normal riding.
  • LED bulbs don’t usually burn out.

Time to Complete: 20 minutes

Difficulty: Moderate

Tools Needed: Allen wrench, flat head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, multimeter

Steps: 4

An electric bike’s light is a crucial component for safe riding and visibility. If your eBike’s light has stopped working properly, then you’ll want to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible. While you’re at it, you can check out other great articles such as how to install an electric motor on a bike to make an electric bike. Additionally, if you are going to be relying on your ebike for transportation, you need to know how to fix problems as they arise. While this article explains how to fix the lights of your ebike, you may need to know how to repair the ebike motor at some point as well. Continue reading to learn how to fix the broken lights on your best electric bike in the quickest way possible.

Learn How to Repair Broken E-Bike Lights

If your eBike’s lights have stopped shining, there’s no need to fret. Keep reading to learn about the process of light repair.


Follow these steps for the quickest way to repair broken lights on your electric bike.

  1. Check the BatteryYour e-bike’s battery is one of the most important components of the whole system, and it’s also responsible for powering any of the lights installed on your bike. Your first step is to check your battery to ensure it is still providing enough power to your lights. If your e-bike works and gives you normal performance, then your battery is likely fine. However, if you’ve noticed performance drops, you might have a battery problem. You can test the battery using your multimeter. Connect the multimeter to the battery and choose the “test load battery” option. You should also check voltage, current, and resistance. Compare the results with the specs from the manufacturer. If you have a bad battery, you’ll likely need to get it replaced.
  2. Check Your Connections
    If your battery is good, you may just have a bad connection between the battery and the light. This can happen over time as you use your e-bike, especially over rough terrain. First, check the connections on the light and press them in to make sure they are tight. Next, you’ll want to check the connection where the lights plug into the bike. These connections are usually housed in the pedal assembly. To open the pedal assembly, you’ll need to use a combination of different tools that may vary depending on your e-bike model. Usually, you’ll need a combination of Allen wrench, flat head screwdriver, and Phillips screwdriver. Make sure you keep track of all screws and bolts so you can put the assembly back together again. After the pedal assembly is opened, check the connection to ensure it is tight. If it isn’t, press it back into place.
  3. Check for Wiring Damage
    While you have the pedal assembly open, you can also check the quality of the light’s wiring. Visually inspect the wire for corrosion or damage. If the wiring runs through the frame, you may want to disconnect the wire from the bike and pull it out of the frame to inspect its full length. If the wiring is bad, it’s usually much easier and cheaper to replace the entire light.
  4. Replace the Bulbs
    If you have an incandescent or halogen bike light, you may just be experiencing a burned-out bulb. This can happen over time, so if you’ve had your lights for a long time, this is a likely suspect. Remember that LED bulbs should not burn out very often.
  5. Replace the Entire Light
    If you can’t figure out the problem, then your eBike’s light may just be bad and need an entire replacement. You won’t need to purchase the exact same light for a replacement, so you can use the opportunity to shop around for a new product.
  6. Take the eBike to a Repair Shop
    If you’re not comfortable opening up and repairing the bike’s lights on your own, or you simply can’t figure out the problem, then you can always take it to a certified repair shop. Look online to find a repair shop near you, but make sure to find a highly-rated option so you can get the best service and prices. Once you’ve found a reputable shop, give them a call to get a quote on how much light repair would cost. If you’re happy with the service and pricing, set up an appointment or just take your electric bike in at your earliest convenience.

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How to Fix Broken Lights on Your Electric Bike FAQ

Can electric bike batteries be repaired?

Yes, most e-bike batteries can be repaired, but it is often more expensive and complicated to do this than it is to purchase a replacement battery.

How do I turn on the lights on my electric bike?

Power on your electric bike first, and then press the on button or switch on your light.

Do electric bikes have lights?

Some electric bikes have lights pre-installed, but many don’t. However, it is easy to install your own lights if so desired.

Are electric bikes worth the money?

Yes, electric bikes are worth it because they offer many of the same benefits as traditional bikes and also introduce cost savings when used instead of cars or other vehicles.
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