Elby S1 9-Speed Electric Bike Review

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Updated September 21, 2022

If you’re looking for a powerhouse of an electric bike that will give you an amazing range, the Elby S1 9-Speed Electric Bike from Elby Bike seems like a great choice. I spent several hours riding this bad boy so I could see if it was really one of the best electric bikes around.

The Elby electric bike is stylish, boasts an impressive range, hydraulic brakes, a powerful motor, and a decent top speed. But is it as good as it looks on paper? Read my buyer’s guide below to find out.

Is The Elby S1 Electric Bike A Good Buy?

Elby S1 9-Speed Electric Bike
Elby S1 9-Speed Electric Bike


This eBike will impress you.

The Elby 9-speed electric bike comes with some impressive specs and features like 20 miles per hour top speed, an amazing 90-mile range, hydraulic brakes, a front headlight, a digital display, and much more. This electric bike is expensive, but you sure get a lot for your money.


  • Powerful 500W Motor
  • Impressive 90-mile range
  • 280 Pound Weight Limit


  • Weighs 50 Pounds
  • May Not Be Fast Enough For Some Riders

Build Quality And Design

The design of the Elby S1 is very nice. It looks like a modern and sleek mountain bike, with the idea that the shape conforms to the rider. Build quality is pretty exceptional thanks to a high-quality aluminum frame. It’s durable and heavy at about 50 pounds. The design and frame size make it a very comfortable when you’re in the seat. This is a well-engineered bike and good looking too.

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This electric battery-powered bike has a powerful 500W electric motor, which in conjunction with the lithium-ion battery, delivers a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour with good acceleration. That 500W rear hub motor has an internal rider input sensor for optimal riding experience. If you want to ride it like an old-fashioned bike, it has 9 gears.

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Charging Time

The lithium battery pack takes 5 hours to charge, which sounds like a lot but considering the exceptional range of about 90 miles per charge, that’s a fair trade-off for charging time. Similarly, the eAhora X7 can travel 80 miles on a single charge, which isn’t bad considering the charging time is about the same.


The Elby bike 9speed electric bike does not disappoint in the performance department. It is a smooth ride, with a comfortable speed, great range, LED lights in front and in the back, a color digital screen, hydraulic disc brakes, even rails for saddlebags, and more. For another bike with similar features, you’ll want to read our Gazelle bike review.

The continental cruise contact tires are exceptional on the road and give you a smooth ride. All of these features, combined with a quality build, make for a very dependable electric road bike for commuting. Bike commuters have never had it so good.

Bottom Line

The Elby bike 9speed is one of the best electric bikes currently out there for anyone who wants a long-range ride. It’s expensive, and that will turn some heads away from this model, but if you are willing to pay the price, you get a lot in exchange for your money. It’s built solid enough that it should last for many years of comfortable riding. I would call it a solid investment. Electric bicycles should all be this fun to ride.

From the aluminum alloy frame to those fat tires, this one is a winner. It is one of our top picks for electric bikes.

If you’re looking for a folding electric bike, an electric mountain bike, or electric cruiser bikes, some top-rated picks are the Trek Super Commuter, the Tektro Auriga, Bionx Dseries, and the Srams x5. Consult any Gadget Review buyers guide or vehicle reviews for all of the important info.

This model will change your mind about wanting a folding electric bicycle. This one may not fold, but it has all the right moves.

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