Eero: Blanket Your Home With Reliable, Fast WiFi

Are you sick of having to reset your router? Are you sick of buffering? Well, let us introduce you to Eero, which apparently will get rid of both of those things. Eero is a fast, reliable WiFi solution that blankets your home in coverage using your existing cable or DSL modem.

Eero is super easy to setup, and utilizes the abilities of your smartphone to setup a new network, monitor your network, and grant others quick and easy access to your network. In fact, all you have to do to invite someone to use your network is send them an invite via a text message. According to the makers, Eero will detect its own problems and fix them on its own, eliminating the necessity to restart your router or modem every few days. The software within Eero automatically optimizes connections to all of your devices, so you always get the best possible speed. The Eero creates a blanketing mesh network — a technology only previously available commercially — so you’re able to go through multiple hops with minimal signal loss.

Eero is currently available for pre-order for $299 for a 3-pack (which covers the average size home). For bigger houses, every Eero you add afterwards will require an additional cost of $125. That’s a tough pill to swallow, because while we love the idea of Eero, spending $299 on basically an easy to set-up router with included extenders seems a little steep. Still, we’re definitely curious on how effective the Eero really is, and if the product is half as good as the sales video below, count us in.


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