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The Edgestar Portable Air Conditioner is a compact alternative that is best suited for small spaces, and because of this, we think it’s got enough potential to possibly be the best portable air conditioner for RV. The portable air conditioner will only work in a room or area that’s not any larger than 250 sq ft, meaning it’ll be the perfect option to consider if you’re looking to place it in an RV. At 56 pounds, it’s also fairly lightweight, and it is built with an auto drain system that can exhaust all liquid formed through condensation. If this sounds like something that’s along the lines of what you’re looking for, then make sure you get to the end of this review.

Why We Like It – EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner

The Edgestar Portable Air Conditioner is a 8000 BTU DOE unit that’s pretty compact in size, as well as lightweight. The AC unit has got a 3 speed fan, a 24 Hour programmer, a dehumidifier function and both a washable pre filter and an active carbon filter that’s essential for ridding the air of any harmful odours.

  • Auto restart function that restores the AC’s settings after it switches off
  • 24 Hour timer for energy efficiency
  • Includes window kit for easy installation
  • No WiFi support for app control


With 3 fan speeds, an auto drain system, and a 49-inch extendable exhaust hose included, the Edgestar 8000 BTU portable air conditioner is a feature packed, elegantly designed and eco friendly alternative that you can opt for if you’re dealing with a tight space. It’s not as compact as the Ontel Arctic Air Ultra evaporative cooler, so you really won’t be able to carry it around as easily. If your room isn’t larger than 250 square feet though, then it should be an appropriate choice for you.

Energy Efficiency

To keep energy costs low, you can opt to make use of the 24 Hour timer that the Edgestar portable AC unit features, and in doing so, you’d be able to have it only function during the time that you’re in need of air conditioning. Unlike the Costway Portable Air Conditioner, the portable AC does not feature a sleep mode, so you’ll just have to program the timer or set it manually to its lowest setting before you go to sleep.


To keep dust and unwanted particles outside the Edgestar AP14001HS, it’s got a washable filter that’s very easy to take out as well as wash. All you need to do is run water over it through a faucet, and make sure to do this about twice a month. This Edgestar dual hose portable air conditioner also features a carbon filter, which is essential because it gets rid of any bad odours that outside air may have.


Similar to most portable air conditioners, the Edgestar 8000 BTU dual hose AC is backed by a 1 year warranty, where both parts and labour are covered. In case your unit arrives with some unforeseen defects, feel free to reach out to customer service, and they’ll be glad to send over a technician to check things out, or even replace the AC unit with a new one.


As a portable air conditioner that also includes a remote control and a window kit for easy installation, the Edgestar Portable AC may be thought of as similar to the LG LP0817ESR 115v portable air conditioner. What makes the two different though are small features such as auto restart, as well as the fact that it’s got a dual hose system instead of a single hose.

EdgeStar Portable Air Conditioner Wrap Up

Headquartered in Austin, Texas in the United States, EdgeStar is a well known manufacturer that’s got a long line of air conditioners in production. Their products have received a lot of positive criticism from customers in the US, so you can be sure that you’re dealing with a quality product that will not let you down.

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