EcoReco M5 e-Scooter Is Basically An Urban Travel Vehicle In A Bag

As apartments shrink and urban environments grow, we find ourselves needing vehicles but unable, or unwilling, to shell out for a car and unable to store a bike, even with creative solutions like hanging it from a ceiling or mounting it on the wall. So, for those who need speed, the EcoReco M5 e-Scooter is essentially as close as you’ll get to storing a vehicle in your tiny space. You may also want to have a look at our collection for electric scooter for kids as well.

This one is most definitely an electric scooter for adults.

Scooting Away

Yeah, it’s a scooter… but it’s a pretty tough little scooter. First of all, it gets up to speeds of 20 miles per hour. Yeah, that’s not going to be highway speed, but for getting around urban environments, it will more than suit you in most cases.

Backing up that speed is an actual, honest to God suspension, with springs and everything. True, you shouldn’t try and crest the mighty pothole with this beast, but by the same token, the bumps and stumbles in the road other electric scooters might feel will at least be somewhat smoother in your travels.

It’s even energy efficient, getting up to 85% power in one charge and lasting twenty miles on a full battery. At 500 miles on $1, it’s hard to argue.



It’s absolutely true that a scooter is not, perhaps, the most manly method of transportation. And to be honest I’m curious to see how this thing would tackle steep hills. But, for getting around a city, especially if you need to save both space and money, it seems like a good idea. And, hey, it’s still cheaper than a car.

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  1. The EcoReco M5 e-Scooter is really nice, just a bit heavy at 36lbs. We have been riding the E-Twow Master e-scooters for over a year now and at only 23 lbs my wife has no problem carrying it.

    1. Eco Reco scooters are designed for durability – our max recommended load is far higher than anything E-Twow offers, and it’s feasible to exceed that by another ~50 lbs and still get reasonable performance.

      I’m happy your E-Twow worked out for you though – if you needed a lightweight option, then it’s good that you found it.

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