Ecobee Smart Thermostat Takes The Aggravation Out Of Smart Homes

Smart thermostats are truly amazing things. Once you get them up to speed on your habits and styles, they’ll immediately start saving you money and time. But you have to teach them, over weeks, to get things just right, and they draw all their data from one room. These are problems the Ecobee was built to solve. This is why it could be among the best smart thermostats.

A Smarter Smart Thermostat

To start with, it shows up preprogrammed. Most people are in bed and asleep between 11:30pm and 6am, so the Ecobee comes with that schedule as a default, saving you the time of having to teach it when you’re home and what you’re looking for. Needless to say, reprogramming the schedule is as simple as popping open a window and tinkering with the thing. And that’s just the start of the convenience.

Distributed Temperature

As we all know, homes can have weird temperature quirks; the living room is Arctic, while your bedroom is tropical. The Ecobee gets around this, and gets to the ideal temperature for the entire house, by adjusting levels according to a distributed sensor network. Just stick the sensors where you most want them to collect data, connect them to the Ecobee, and it’ll begin learning the quirks of your HVAC system and ensuring you get the right temperature, every time.

A Smarter Way To Warm


Needless to say, the Ecobee comes with the usual useful features; you can program it from your phone, reconfigure it on the fly, and even use it as a smart screen for your weather related needs as you’re heading out the door. But the real value, of course, is that it’s a smarter thermostat, for those of us who really need one. An Ecobee with a full sensor network will run you just $313, and frankly, that’s a lot cheaper than wasting heat.

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