Eco Reco M5 Electric Scooter Review

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Updated March 21, 2023
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Finding the perfect lightweight best electric scooter is no easy task. You want something that is safe, reliable, and perfect for a commute to work. The Eco Reco M5 may be exactly what you are looking for. It has a silent motor, lithium iron phosphate battery, and quick charging times, which is always a plus. The energy recovery braking system helps keep you safe so that you always have control.

Read on to learn what I liked about it and what I didn’t.

Is The Eco Reco M5 Electric Scooter By Evo A Winner?

Eco Reco M5 Electric Scooter Review

21 Reviews
Eco Reco M5 Electric Scooter Review

This is a very dependable electric scooter.

It’s not easy to find a folding electric scooter that fits a busy adult lifestyle. Many models are meant to serve as both a kid-friendly scooter and an adult play toy, however, the Eco Reco M5 electric scooter is geared more toward adults, and as it turns out, that makes a huge difference in the riding experience.


  • Handles various terrain easily
  • Will charge up to 70% in 2 hours
  • Top speed of 20 miles per hour


  • Top speed configuration is a pain
  • Front and rear suspension could be better

Build Quality And Design

The Eco Reco M5 sports the typical scooter style of sleek matte black with some red accents. It’s not bad to look at, but it doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. The frame is durable and made from aircraft-quality aluminum with both front and rear suspension. This scooter for adults will stand up to a lot of commuting use and keep going. It is strong and reliable, just the way we like them. Interested in a 3-wheel sporty scooter with 1560w of power? Take a look at our Doohan iTank review.

This electric scooter by Evo Powerboards is designed to be quiet and energy efficient, and the company nailed it on both counts. It has a convenient portable folding design that comes in handy when you need to get on a train or bus or stow it in car trunks. So it is public transportation friendly. It is easy to carry, weighing just 36 pounds. This electric kick scooter by Evo also has a max rider weight capacity of 400 pounds which is almost twice the weight capacity that the Yadea KS5 Pro can hold. That is, frankly, the best we have seen on a scooter in this class.

This personal transport will hit speeds of up to 20 miles per hour and give you a range of about 20 miles of range per charge. The Eco Reco electric scooter for adults also has a kickstand and an LED-backlit dashboard for speed info and more. It is not the fastest electric scooter, but it has a lot of great features. You might also be interested in our EW 18 scooter review, which discusses a scooter that comes in lively colors with a matching storage pouch.

Charging Time

One of the things that I loved about the Eco Reco M5 scooter is that it has a fast charge time. Charge the battery pack for 2 hours to get it to 80 percent, and 4.5 hours gets you a full charge. This is much faster than the 5-7 hours it takes the Horizon Practical Commuter to recharge. You’ll get about 20 miles of range per charge of the powerful battery. It has excellent battery life.


The Eco Reco M5 offered a smooth, quiet, and quick ride. Those solid rubber tires handle various terrain types like grass, gravel, asphalt, and dirt, while the scooter doesn’t slow down all that much. The ride feels great, though the suspension could be improved to make it even better. This Eco Reco m5 folds down quickly, within a few seconds, making it easy to carry. I also loved that it has configurable top speeds of 7 mph, 12 mph, and 20 mph. However, you have to remove the deck to make those changes which is a hassle.

The energy recovery braking system is easy to use and feels nice and responsive as well.

Bottom Line

It’s clear that this Eco Reco electric scooter for commuting is aimed more at adults, even though kids can also ride it. It’s tough, reliable and offers a smooth ride that will get you to work or around town. It has the best weight capacity you can find in this class and one of the best charging times around. I enjoyed the quiet ride and great performance over all of the terrains I tested it on. If you are an adult looking for a good commuting electric scooter, it will be hard to find a better one than this. The Eco Reco scooter is one of the best adult electric scooters I’ve tested in a long time. It could be the best Evo scooter on the market. It beats electric skateboards. For another option, you can check out the Zero 9 scooter.

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Ecoreco Electric Scooter Review

21 Reviews
Ecoreco Electric Scooter Review

A tough and reliable electric scooter that is well worth the purchase.

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