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Updated March 1, 2023

Key Takeaways:

  • Delimiting, also known as tuning an e-bike, is getting rid of your bike’s pedal assistance limit, helping you achieve speeds well over 25km/h.
  • Speed limits are set by the manufacturer in line with legal regulations that provide that bike motors need to be 250 watts, with a maximum speed of 25km/h.
  • E-Bike Tool Kits work in the same principle as the manual or handy method by distorting and manipulating the speed data.
Hacking ebikes for speed going over sand

Let’s face it, every popular eBike owner has thought of how to hack electric bike speed. If you’ve used one before, you understand the feeling when you pedal energetically, and the bike powerfully assists your acceleration up to 15mph/25km/h.

Despite an eBikes zero carbon emission level and efficiency, it is not as quick as gas-powered alternatives. So if you want a non-gas model, check out our Nakto Bright GG electric hunting bike review.

For many e-bike lovers, the 25km/h speed limit when the bike turns off the juice is pretty annoying and insufficient. Is it possible to delimit an eBike to cruise past the 25km/h limit? Fortunately for many eBike owners, it is possible to tune your e-bike to cruise past the 25km/h speed limit. But be warned, it might be illegal in your city to ride it on public roads.

Understand the Basic Principle of Delimiting

Delimiting, also known as tuning an eBike, is getting rid of your bike’s pedal assistance limit, helping you achieve speeds well over 25km/h. The speed limit feature on bikes prevents the electrical power from the engine from getting released once the speed limit is achieved. So if you are wondering how fast a 1000w electric bike can go, these features are in place and limit the speed even though it has a stronger motor than most other bikes.

Speed limits are set by the manufacturer in line with legal regulations that provide that bike motors need to be 250 watts, with a maximum speed of 25km/h. It is essential to note that delimiting your eBike will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

The eBike doesn’t magically trip off the speed but is triggered by a system that notifies it when the speed limit is achieved. It should be noted that delimiting may reduce how long your electric bike lasts.

Components of an eBike Responsible for the Speed

An electric bike has three major components that help it achieve speed and determine how fast it goes:


This is the bike’s engine that provides motion. eBikes come in three distinct types: mid-drive, front, and rear hubs. The wattage determines the power of the engine. The motor will also help determine the type of controller your bike uses. While you are at it, learning about how to test an electric bike motor could be smart as well. This would give you a basic idea of how to troubleshoot your motor.


The battery is what provides the juice to power your electric bike motor that is converted into motion. You should check out the best battery for electric bikes to ensure that your battery can get you the range you are wanting from your bike. Alternatively, if you are a DIYer and want to, you can make a battery for your electric bike.


The LCD acts as the control panel of the bike. This component helps bikers monitor the performance as well as toggle ride options. And, you’ll be able to see if this is the fastest electric bike by checking on the panel. Moreover, while some ebike LCDs may be resistive, many of them are touchscreens.

Speed Sensor

It Is the electric component in your eBike that calculates the wheel’s rotation to determine the speed you are riding. It reads the behavior of the bike and translates it to the computer unit in the controller. You’ll find a similar sensor on many ebike models, including the one in our Giant Road E-1 Pro review.

eBike LCD displaying battery

How to Tune an eBike

There are two methods electric bike owners can use to delimit their bikes. If you are looking to delimit your eBike, it is essential to note that you are solely responsible for the consequences that result from the tune. Depending on which city you come from, there might be legal implications associated with a tune.

  • Manually delimiting an eBike
  • Using an eBike tool kit

Manually Delimiting an E-Bike

This method is also known as the handy method and will only work if the specific model of eBike allows it. It is also popular since you don’t need to disassemble the electrical system. To achieve this tune, you need to locate the magnet and the sensor. The sensor of an eBike is usually located on the frame base, while the magnet is located at the rear wheel.

It is essential to note that the bigger the wheel, the faster a bike will go. Therefore, moving the magnet away from the wheel will affect the number of turns made by the magnet.

Simply put, for your controller to read a lower frequency, the magnet device needs to be transferred to a different location. When the controller gets a lower rate, the speed limit will not be triggered.

To tune your e-bike, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the sensor and magnet from the eBike.
  2. Find the pedal bracket of your electric bike, and attach the magnet to it.
  3. Move the sensor by turning it to face the magnet. That’s it!

Using an eBike Tool Kit

There have been many concerns by cyclists and bike enthusiasts about the 25km/h speed limit. For most riders, it is a hindrance to a full biking experience. Some manufacturers and third-party developers have considered the concerns and developed eBike kits to aid delimiting. For more about conversion, you’ll want to check out our guide on how to convert a bike to electric.

However, it is essential to note two types of tuning kits; the ones that need assembly and ones that don’t.

The eBike tool kits work in the same principle as the manual or handy method by distorting and manipulating the speed data. Due to the nature of practicality, it is also possible to reverse back to default mode if you want to detune your bike.


  • A study carried out in England discovered that if E-bikes were used to replace car travel, they have the capability to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 50% or 30 million tonnes per year (Source.)






Hacking eBikes To Increase Maximum Speed FAQ

Is it possible to delimit your eBike?

Yes. You can use two main methods to delimit your eBike, the handy method or by using a third-party eBike tool kit.

Will delimiting the speed of my eBike affect my battery?

Yes. Delimiting your bike increases the load on your motor, forcing it to work harder and consequently cause the system to use a lot of electricity. As a result, your battery will be depleted faster.

Is it possible to achieve up to 70km/h on a tune?

No. While some tuning kits adverts claim you can achieve such speeds delimiting your eBike, a 250 watts motor on a regular bike can only get a top speed of 60km/h.

Is it illegal to delimit the speed on my eBike?

Yes. Delimiting your eBike is pushing it to ride past the legal 25km/h limit. Depending on which city you live in, using your delimited eBike on public roads is restricted.

Will delimiting my eBike speed void my warranty?

Yes. Delimiting your bike will void your warranty, and you will not be able to enjoy repairs or technical assistance from the manufacturer.
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