Key Takeaways:

  • An eBike’s motor is what drives the bike using the battery’s power.
  • An eBike motor is held in place and driven forward by two powerful sets of magnets.
  • While there are a few easy repairs you can make, it may be easier and more cost-effective to have a professional service your eBike’s motor.

Time to Complete: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Moderate

Tools Needed: Allen wrench, standard wrench, wood board

Steps: 8

When you run into problems with your electric bike’s motor, then you’ll be stuck on the road, forced to manually pedal all the way home. Since your bike’s motor is responsible for providing acceleration and force with help from the battery, if it dies, then your favorite eBike isn’t an eBike anymore. Keep reading to learn how to replace or repair your bike’s motor.

Learn How to Repair or Replace Your eBike’s Motor

Your eBike’s motor is one of the most crucial components of the whole vehicle. If your motor stops working properly, then your eBike becomes just a normal bicycle.


Follow these steps to learn how to repair or replace your electric bike motor.

  1. Remove the Wheel from the eBike FrameUse your standard wrench to remove the bolts holding the wheel’s axle in place on the bike’s frame. Place the nuts and bolts in a secure location; you’ll need them later to replace the wheel in its original spot. It’s also important to note that your wheel will remain attached to the battery pack.
  2. Remove the Bolts on the Non-Wire Side
    On the side that doesn’t contain the wire, remove the additional set of nuts and bolts using your standard wrench. As before, place the nuts and bolts in a secure location for later use.
  3. Remove the Motor Cover
    Use your Allen wrench to unscrew the bolts securing the motor cover. These screws can be extra tight, so you may need to use extra force to remove them. As with the nuts and bolts from previous steps, make sure you place these screws in a safe location.
  4. Set Up Your Motor Removal Platform
    Removing the motor from the wheel requires the use of some force, and you’ll need to protect the axle from damage. The easiest way to do so is by using a wooden 2×4 or another thicker piece of wood. Place the wood on a flat and stable surface. We recommend placing it directly on the ground.
  5. Remove the Motor from the Wheel
    Securely grip the tire on both sides and hold the wheel parallel to the ground above the wood board with the non-wire side facing down. Then slam the wheel’s axle down onto the board. You will need to apply a lot of force during this step since the magnets holding the motor in place are very strong. You may need to bring the wheel down several times before it comes dislodged.
  6. Diagnose the Problem
    Once the motor assembly is free from the wheel, do a visual inspection of its magnets and ball bearings. The magnets should be glued firmly in place and you can check them simply by wiggling them with your fingers. The ball bearings should spin with ease.
  7. Perform the Repair
    If your magnets are loose, then you may be able to glue them back into place. Use some super glue to secure the magnets back into place, but make sure you only place the glue onto the back of the magnets. Glue on the face of the magnets will cause more problems. If your ball bearings are sticking, you can use some lubricant to get them loosened up.
  8. Replace the Motor
    There may be times when you can’t diagnose the motor’s problem. In these instances, it’s best to get the bike serviced by a professional repair technician or replaced entirely. We recommend performing this step with a professional.
  9. Reassemble the Motor and Wheel
    Once the repairs have been completed or a new motor assembly installed, it’s time to put everything back together. Get all your nuts, bolts, and screws handy and reverse the previous steps. Place the motor back into the wheel and press it into place, letting the magnets do most of the work. Then secure everything back in place with the nuts, bolts, and screws.Related Posts:


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Repairing Your Electric Bike's Motor FAQ

How long does an electric bike motor last?

Your eBike’s motor should last upwards of 10,000 miles.

Are electric bikes easy to maintain?

In general, yes, since electric bikes are meant to be completely contained systems. However, there are still maintenance things to be aware of, such as proper cleaning and lubrication.

How do you fix a motor on a bike?

Follow the steps listed in this guide to fix your electric bike’s motor.

How do I service my electric bike?

On top of all the regular bike maintenance you should still perform, you should make sure you always keep your electric bike charged and ensure all electrical components are working properly.

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