I’m fortunate enough to own a pair of headphones that have been molded to my ears thanks to the folks at Ultimate Ears.  The sound quality is exceptional (to say the least) thanks to six drivers and their noise isolating design.  And while that latter feature is generally at the top of my list of headphones, it’s not always a good thing, especially if you like to jog outside or ride your bike on crowded street. You’ll never hear that cabbie’s honk or the drunks driver’s tire squeal.  Which is probably why an audiologist invented what might be best described as a clandestine pair of headphones.

The earHEROs are unlike 99% of headphone/earbuds on the market today.  Instead of trying their best to block out ambient noise, they do the exact opposite; let it in.  This way you can stay aware of your surrounding and all the while listen to your phone calls, music, or walkie talkie updates.  Although the earHERO headphones aren’t completely invisible they do come damn close – just look at the picture.  They’ve been designed to wrap around the back of your ear and aside from the cord and ear wrap they’re almost undetectable to the human eye (at least from a far).

That all being said, don’t expect booming bass from these headphones as the lack of a seal in the ear prevents this very feature.  In fact, the spectrum of sound will be rather narrow, at least from a perception standpoint.  Which might make the earHERO headphones ideal for making phone calls.  It’s just too bad there is no inline microphone.

You can buy the earHERO headphones from Amazon for $150.


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