EarPods vs Earbuds

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Updated September 29, 2022

If you’re looking into the best headphones on the market, you might consider whether EarPods vs. earbuds which would be the better purchase. Today, we’ll compare the best wireless earbuds against Apple’s EarPods so that you have a better idea of which would be right for you. For more comparisons, try looking into earbuds vs. IEMs.


  • EarPods typically have built-in controls for better convenience compared to regular earbuds.
  • Regarding high-quality audio, EarPods tend to provide better sound than earbuds.
  • In terms of a comfortable listening experience, both types of headphones can be comfortable, but this comes down to personal preference.

Comparing EarPods and Earbuds

While both are audio devices inserted into the ear canals, there are several differences in the design of these two products. Whether you’re looking at wireless earbuds or wired EarPods, there’s a lot to consider.

Insider Tip

In-ear devices tend to be more comfortable for some people.

Additional Controls

Being able to control music at the touch of a button can bring a lot of convenience to a person’s life. This is an area where EarPods take the lead because they usually come with control buttons. These can be used to skip songs, pause the music, and more. Earbuds generally lack these features, which means they don’t offer the same additional functionality.

High-Quality Audio

Sound quality is a huge determining factor for most people looking into purchasing audio devices. Overall, EarPods are better at delivering excellent audio quality due to their technologically advanced design. Try comparing earbuds vs. over-ear headphones for a different perspective on audio. If you’re looking for a new pair of headphones, try looking into the best audiophile headphones available.


Some wireless models may have battery issues, so do plenty of research before purchasing.

Comfortable Listening Experience

This comes down to personal choice and comfort. Both styles are inserted into ear canals for a snug fit. Everybody will have different preferences regarding the shape and feel of what they’re inserting into their ear canals. This means that this category ends in a draw. It’s worth comparing earbuds vs. headphones, as well, if you’re looking for the ultimate comfortable experience.

STAT: In a 2017 survey, 98 percent of survey respondents are mostly satisfied with the time it takes to charge AirPods. (source)

Earpod vs. Earbud FAQs

Do in-ear headphones provide better sound quality?

This is up for debate. While models like the AirPods Pro deliver some of the best sound quality, they can’t compete with similarly priced headphones. This is because of the drivers in over-ear models.

What is active noise cancelation?

Active noise cancelation blocks out ambient noises. This helps dampen unnecessary background noise so you can have a more peaceful experience.

What should I look for in wireless earbuds?

There are several features to keep in mind when shopping around:
  • Long battery life
  • Cancellation of ambient noises
  • Overall comfort
  • Volume controls

What types of headphones block external noise?

Noise-canceling headphones are the best bet if you want to block out unwanted sound. They come in various models and styles, so make sure you choose the best fit for you.
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