eAhora X7 Review

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Updated February 21, 2023
88 Expert Rating

The eAhora X7 Plus 750W doesn’t hold back on features. If it is your first bike to search for, you might put it as the best electric bike just by the way it looks. Long battery and 33mph top speed? Check. Safety features in the bike as well as in the Samsung lithium battery? Has that, too, and it’s all captured within a lightweight aluminum alloy frame. All that power and durability come at a cost for the best folding electric bike, however.

Why We Like It – eAhora X7

The eAhora X7 Plus 750W is the perfect example of peak performance. From the ground up, it’s full of safety features, pedal assist, long battery life, and a top speed of 33mph. When it comes to climbing mountains, one of the best Eahora bikes to go for is in our Eahora AM100 review.

  • 30mph top speed w/ 750 watt motor
  • Travel 80 miles on a single charge
  • Additional safety features
  • Pricey
  • Small LED headlight

Durability & Build Quality

Every inch of the bike is made of eAhora aluminum alloy, with corrosion resistance. It’s strong for sure and lightweight; the bike has a 330 lb weight limit, which is impressive for a traditionally smaller bike. More importantly, you get more than just a front suspension system—you get the whole package, a full suspension system made of aluminum alloy, rear suspension fork included.

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Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

A full suspension system is necessary to be the best all-terrain electric bike. After all, you can push this mountain bike at high speeds of 33 mph consistently. In fact, the best throttle electric bike should also have a long range of travel, as this one does. That’s all thanks to its 750W brushless electric motor. That’s three times the wattage of the dinky 250W motor on the NAKTO Folding Electric Bike and nearly twice the speed. To boost the power of your bike, we recommend reading the Ebikeling 48v 1200w review.

Range & Battery

Traveling 55 miles on a single charge is not a problem for the eAhora X7, but it can push past that limit. Through a combination of pedal assist, efficient battery, and E PAS, 80 miles isn’t a pipe dream. But in electric mode, it’s just about half that. Charging time is 5 hours, the same as the Shueriu Folding Bike. Similarly, the Elby S1 electric bike can get around 90 miles on a single charge while also taking about 5 hours to fully charge.

Safety Features

eAhora X7 Plus Ebikes are packed full of safety features. Its 20-inch fat tires are anti-puncture and have strong wear resistance. The battery itself is waterproof, in addition to having multiple power modes to prevent quick battery discharge. Also, an anti-theft lock prevents powering the device. However, the LED headlight is rather small.


The eAhora X7 Plus 750W Electric Bicycle is asking for a lot, but it also gives quite a number of features in return. The most important features to consider are its durability, speed, battery, and build quality. Driving at 30mph for nearly two hours is impressive. And so few bikes even bother with a full suspension system, only adding it in the front or back, then calling it quits. The eAhora X7 essentially adds in most features that are missing from budget options—hence, the price. If price is a concern, drop down to the $850 Speedrid Folding Ebike.

eAhora X7 Wrap Up

The eAhora X7 is packed with features that were passed on for the sake of cost. Having a full suspension makes riding so smooth, as opposed to none. When you’re going 30mph for 55-80 miles, you want a suspension system and fat tires to handle pavement as well as rough terrain.

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