The best luggage is smart luggage if you ask me.

These days just about everything is connected and has been elevated to a “smart” thing. However, our luggage has remained mostly “dumb”. Until now that is. Your suitcase is about to get an IQ boost. For a fun boost, check out the iubest Scooter Luggage. Do you need any resident expert consultant on luggage scooters?

Luxury travel bag manufacturer Eagle Creek has partnered with VerifiR for an innovative new line called the Caldera Collection. These bags and suitcases have an NFC chip integrated into them, which opens up a world of possibilities. It can track all the places that you have traveled and even has “Lost and Found” tracking capabilities if your bag gets lost or stolen.

These Suitcases Are More Useful Than Ever

This line of travel accessories should make life easier for you. As any traveler knows, lost luggage can be a nightmare. Not anymore. You can also share your travel milestones on Social media easily

VerifiR works with brands, manufacturers, and retailers to integrate these NFC smart chips into their products. After the chips are in, brands and retailers can use cloud-based software to manage the products, customer details and more.

When you buy a piece of Caldera luggage, just tap your smartphone against the bag to activate the NFC chip. This unlocks all of the cloud capabilities. You can access product information, videos, warranty registration features, and travel logging.

Travel logging shows the countries you’ve visited, the cities, miles traveled and trips you’ve taken.

Your New Travel Buddy

Anytime you need to, tap your smartphone again to activate your personal dashboard. It will show you the places you traveled and a leaderboard where you can compete against other Caldera bag owners for “miles traveled”. Aside from that, they are also working on rewards systems as well.

This is a fantastic way for brands to engage with their customers in a completely new way and create brand loyalty. The simple suitcase or bag now becomes much more than just carrying your clothes and essentials.

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