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There are specific requirements the Best Drones, either foldable or VR, should meet, and the Eachine Foldable Drone meets most of these requirements and even exceeds them in some circumstances. I’m talking about the 4K Camera and its amazing stability in the air. It makes you wonder what the makers of more high-end drones do when Eachine can recreate that stability and install that camera for a fraction of the price.

Why We Like It – Eachine Foldable Drone

The Eachine Foldable Drone is an excellent drone for someone to learn the ropes. With three speed modes to progress once you are ready, a small and compact design, and just enough battery life to get some practice in, the Eachine E520S foldable drone makes an excellent starting point.

  • Very Stable in the Air
  • 300 Meter Operational Range
  • 4K Camera
  • No Directly-Stated Top Speed
  • Cheap Looking Remote


Unfortunately, no direct max speed is given for the E520S, but the machine features three-speed modes that allow users to ease into going faster when they feel comfortable. But if you’re already comfortable in your piloting capabilities, consider the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone. A plus for the 520S is that it’s pretty stable for an entry-level drone, thanks to the six-axis gyroscope and brushed coreless motors.


The battery life isn’t that impressive, to be honest with you. Even for an entry-level drone, 15 minutes of battery life isn’t going to provide you with a lot of long-term fun. Check out the Autel EVO Drone for something longer lasting. The operational range, however, is 300 meters. And considering most drone laws limit this range to 500 meters, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t be breaking the law.


The E520S, like its predecessor, the Eachine E58, is a lightweight and portable machine. At just over half a pound, it shouldn’t have the capacity to weigh you down if you want to take it around with you. If you’re looking for something a little chunkier, consider the DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo. The propellers on the E520S are also guarded by durable plastic in the event of a crash too.

Camera Features

The E520S comes with a wide-angle 4K Camera, which is exceptional for a drone at this price. You can also get a camera in 720P or 1080P if you want to spend a little less. But do note that if you opt for the 4K version, you will need a high-speed class SD Card for the camera to reach its full potential. And if you do take this dive, you’ll be impressed by how vivid and colorful an entry-class drone can make photos and videos.


Although the controller doesn’t look or feel all that appealing, it’s still tiny and ergonomic and has all the functions you’d want a remote control to have. The controller does take four triple-a batteries, though, so factor that into your budget costs. It also features the convenient Return to Home feature, making sure the drone will go straight back when low on battery or when the signal is lost.

Eachine Foldable Drone Wrap Up

The Eachine Foldable Drone isn’t without its issue. The battery life could be better, and the controller is a little on the cheap side both in terms of construction and looks. Still, if these are the sacrifices they have to make to achieve their multitude of positives, then I’m okay with it.

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