EACHINE E61 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The best drones on a budget are pretty hard to find, especially the best selfie drone options. However, if you don’t care as much about image quality, your choices broaden by a vast margin. The EACHINE E61 quadcopter is one of those quadcopters that offer a pretty large number of flight features on a budget. It may not be the best drone in the market, but it will offer you a decent performance.

Why We Like It – EACHINE E61

The EACHINE E61 proves that cheap drones can be great too. Besides the glossy plastic and shoddy build quality, this quadcopter overall is excellent. The amount of stuff it comes with really is on no other competitor at this price.

  • Headless mode
  • Altitude hold
  • HD camera
  • The propeller guards don’t really do much to protect the blades

Speed & Power

The EACHINE E61HW Mini Drone is no slouch. It is an extremely fast & swift quadcopter. In fact, it might be too fast for some novice users, even in its slowest setting. The customer reviews also seem to agree with the same thing mostly. If you need more range in terms of speed control, grabbing the DJI Spark Remote Controlled drone would be a much better idea.


Even though it comes with just a 720P HD camera, the range of this RC drone is not great at all. And once again, this is another drone that’ll fly into oblivion as soon as it goes out of range. And considering how easily it gets swept over by a light breeze, it won’t take much time for that to happen if you go outside with it. But for indoor flying, it’s mostly fantastic, mainly because of the one key take-off mode. But if you really need something that you can fly outside, go for the SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV drone instead.


The build quality of both the EACHINE E61HW Mini Drone and remote controller is pretty shoddy, to say the least. The outside of everything that comes in the box is made of glossy plastic that’ll easily break upon collision. You can buy the ZeroTech DOBBY Drone in case you need a durably built mini drone. Check out the Eachine E010 review for another beginner drone.

Camera Features

One thing’s for sure; you shouldn’t expect a fantastic HD camera from an RC drone that costs just 40 bucks. Although, at least you get one because the Newest Syma X20 doesn’t have camera support. But that doesn’t mean that the Wi-Fi FPV camera attached inside the EACHINE E61HW Mini Drone is unusable. It is still an HD camera (720P, but still pretty good), and it captures good photos and videos for the most part. You may also want to check our Flyability Elios review for a drone that comes with a thermal camera.


Finding a WiFi FPV drone that comes with advanced flight features (e.g., headless mode, altitude hold) is a tough job. But the EACHINE E61HW Mini Drone is an RC drone that should make your job a lot easier. And because it ships directly from Amazon, you should be able to get free shipping easily.


Overall, the EACHINE E61 is a fantastic drone for the price. But it’s not really something we can recommend for new users because of the high speed, lack of a user manual, and poor build quality.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image