EACHINE E511S Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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78 Expert Rating

If you’re on the market for a drone that performs well, but value user-friendliness more than anything, then you have every reason to check out the EACHINE E511S. It’s packed with every necessary feature a drone needs: high quality camera, solid build, and oodles of additional features that make it the best drones for beginners. You can think of your drone like it’s in league with the best gaming accessories but for the real world rather than a digital one.

Why We Like It – EACHINE E511S

The EACHINE E511S provides all the necessary features a typical drone would have, with an emphasis on a user-friendly design, especially on a budget.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Performance matches pricing
  • Portable design
  • Battery is on the weaker side


The EACHINE E511S is quite the performer. For starters, its HD camera shoots in 1080p. That may not be 4K, but for the price you pay, 1080p is still standard. Where it shines is its control. Using 6-axis gyro and its Altitude Hold feature, it has no problem handling strong weather. Not quite as well as the Potensic T25’s 9-axis gyro, but definitely close.

The various flight modes available also respond really well. For example, its GPS module provides GPS positioning necessary for its Follow Me mode, Orbit mode, even 3D VR mode. Unfortunately, its 1200mAh Lipo battery is on the weaker side, lasting only 16 minutes. Even the cheaper, inferior SNAPTAIN S5C has a better battery. Still, its flying time is consistently 16 minutes.

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The EACHINE E511S gets a plus from us for having a similar design philosophy to DJI drones: portability. The arms can be manipulated like a DJI Mavic, making it a foldable drone. This shrinks the dimensions of the EACHINE E511S for easier storage. The drone weighs 1.9 pounds, which means it will need to be registered in most countries. The remote controller has very intuitive buttons, making it easy for beginners, including a slot to place your smartphone to view live video.

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When you consider everything the EACHINE E511S has to offer—great camera quality, advanced features, and good quality material—we have no problem marking this drone as having great value. It isn’t, by any means, the best drone out there. But if you’re on a budget or looking for a gift idea? The EACHINE E511S is perfect. This is especially true if the person flying the drone is new to the experience. It’s inexpensive enough to replace should mistakes happen.

However, once you’ve gained enough experience, you should consider bumping up to a Holy Stone HS700D. It does everything the EACHINE E511S does, but better, and at an affordable price.


The EACHINE E511S GPS WiFi FPV 16 Minute Flight Time RC Quadcopter Drone is quite the little performer in new and experienced hands. Its performance is on point with its pricing, not to mention its portable design makes it easy to transport and store. Sure, its battery is on the weaker side, but all the money you save could be spent on an extra battery or two.

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