EA Star Wars Battlefront Shows Off Hoth’s Realistic Multiplayer Mayhem

We’ve known a few things about Star Wars Battlefront, but at E3, publisher EA gave everyone a whole new look at the game, including a new trailer and several minutes of gameplay of the Walker Assault on Hoth.

Star Wars fans, take note: We’ve known that the new Battlefront game would focus on the famous Star Wars battles around Hoth, Endor and similar locations from the original trilogy, but this is a great glimpse of how it will work in the real world. The battles can support up to 40 different people on the same multiplayer map, and there’s a lot going on.

First, thanks to the great graphics and dynamic action, it really feels like you walked into Empire Strikes Back as a soldier and are taking part in the massive battle. You navigate snow paths, flee walkers, duck under tie fighters, defend arrays, and generally behave awesomely. The demo skips between sides so you can see what it’s like to call in an orbital strike from a massive walker or fly a defense perimeter with a team of rebels. It’s all very active, with multiple vehicles and plenty of moves straight out of the movies.

Speaking of the movies, the demo ends with a glimpse of Darth Vader striding the battlefield and Luke Skywalker crossing lightsabers with him, although there’s not much confirmation on how to unlock or inhabit famous characters quite yet.

Star Wars Battlefront will include several different modes for its multiplayer maps, which include locations like Endor, Hoth, Tatooine and Sullust. However, there will also be modes for solo play, playing co-op with friends, and so on.

Note that the demo was pre-alpha gameplay, so things are subject to change. However, if you pre-order the game, EA will throw in early access to the Battle of Jakku, which Star Wars nerds may recognize as a location from the upcoming movie The Force Awakens. This will all happen in December, just a couple weeks before the next Star Wars movie drops. Good job with the tie-in, EA.


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