Deciding on the right electric scooter for a kid can be a challenging task. Kids want thrills, and parents want safety. Razor has tried to offer both with the E100 Series electric scooters. That said, you may be wondering: E100 vs. E150 top electric scooters, what’s the difference? Read on, and we’ll make the differences as clear as the open road.


  • The Razor E100 is a kickstart electric scooter with 40 minute ride time and a top speed of 10 MPH.
  • The Razor E150 uses the same motor and parts as the E100.
  • The main differences between the E100 and E150 are their color and the retailer that sells them.

What are the E100 and E150 Electric Scooters?

The E100 and the E150 electric scooter are models of the Razor E100 series. With a maximum speed of 10 MPH and a weight limit of 120 LBS, the E100 and E150 are perfect choices for kids looking to get their first taste of battery-operated scooter fun. These are nothing like the e-scooter that was caught on fire in the past.

Insider Tip

This model is available in multiple colors and is the ideal size for a child.

What are the features and specs of the E100?

The Razor E100 is a kick-start electric scooter with a super quiet chain-driven motor. This model is available in multiple colors and is the ideal size for a child and it has an adjustable handlebar with a twist-grip throttle and a front brake. The steel body is durable enough to withstand the growing pains of new electric scooter riders.

E100 Battery and Top Speed

The Razor E100 features a 24V (two 12V) rechargeable battery system. This 24V battery takes 12 hours to charge time and will last up to 40 minutes of continuous riding. The motor is 100W, giving kids a fun ride at a max of 10 miles per hour. At this point, you may be wondering, what other wattages are there for electric scooters?

What Wheels are on the E100?

The E100 from Razor features an 8″ pneumatic front tire and a solid urethane rear wheel. The air-filled front wheel handles rough terrain while providing a smooth ride.

Insider Tip

Most flats occur on the rear wheel, so having an airless one on the back of the E150 was a wise choice by Razor.

What are the Features and Specs of the E150?

The E150 electric scooter is another product in the E100 series from Razor. This scooter uses the same chain motor as the E100 for a super-quiet ride. Just like the E100, the E150 will require some assembly out of the packaging. With a kid-sized deck and 22″ tall handlebars, the E150 is a perfect electric scooter for a child.

E150 Battery and Top Speed

Using the same 24V battery and 100W motor as the E100, this e-scooter can provide a simple ride around the neighborhood at a maximum speed of 10 MPH. While taking on a max weight of 120 LBS, the E150 has a battery life of up to 40 minutes of riding. The battery takes half a day to charge, so we recommend charging overnight or picking up replacement batteries to keep the fun going.

What Wheels are on the E150?

Just like the E100, this product features an air-filled front battery with a solid urethane rear wheel. Most flats occur on the rear wheel, so having an airless one on the back of the E150 was a wise choice by Razor.

What’s the difference between the E100 and E150?

There is ultimately very little difference between the Razor E100 and E150 electric scooters. All scooters in the E100 series run the same and use the same parts from the maximum speed to the battery life. They both have a twist throttle and a good-sized deck for children. The retailer that sells the scooter and the scooter’s color determines the model number. So, between the E100 and E150, there’s no need to stress about which Razor scooter to pick.


What Size Child Fits on the Razor E100?

Razor recommends the E100 for children 8+ with a max weight of 120 LBS.

How Hard is it to Assemble the E100?

Assembly of the Razor E100 or E150 is pretty simple out of the package. You’ll need some essential tools and about ten minutes.

How Long do I Need to Charge the E100?

After an initial charge of 12 hours, you’re good to go. It takes about that long to charge each time, but Razor advises against leaving the batteries on charge for longer than a day.

How can I make the Razor E100 Faster?

To get the most speed possible on your E100 or E150, ensure you have a full battery, an adequately filled tire, and a smooth riding surface. Also, make sure your child is the appropriate weight.

STAT: Eighty-five percent of the testimonials about the E100 and E150 are very positive, with most owners using the scooter daily for more than two years! (source)

STAT: The Razor E100 series model number varies according to 2 things: which retailer is selling the scooter and the scooter’s color. (source)

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