Having just bought a new laptop I was excited to be able to work outside of my basement but wanted to find a nice accessory to keep my computer elevated properly and comfortable at the same time.  I found one at Ikea that I like to call a laptop pillow.

This one pictured above is called the E-Pod Laptop Desk and it is designed to make any sitting situation more enjoyable when using a laptop.  The E-Pod comes in three color choices and looks as if it sort of folds up for easier travel.  It also has a carrying handle.  The one I got from Ikea was only $15 and it has a small pocket in the pillow for your cell phone or whatever.  This E-Pod from BrookStone looks to be of a bit better quality and costs $40.

I must say that I really love my laptop pillow and use it constantly.  If you need something like this definitely don’t hesitate.

[via TheGreenHead]