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E-Joe Anggun Electric Comfort Bike Review

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If your idea of the best electric bike for seniors includes distance and comfortability, the E-Joe Anggun Electric Comfort Bike has that in spades. For the best electric bike, for starters, the gel saddle is lovely on the rear. That makes it way easier to handle the entire 50 miles the Angunn can take you on a single charge.

Why We Like It – E-Joe Anggun Electric Comfort Bike

The E-Joe Anggun Electric Comfort Bike’s low, step-thru design makes it easier on elderly bones to mount and dismount. Powered by a 350W motor and Samsung battery that sends you flying at 20mph for up to 50 miles. But to navigate the changing conditions outside, one of the best bikes to use is in our E-cells super monarch crown review.

  • Integrated rear hub motor cutoff
  • Low step thru design
  • 50 miles on a single charge
  • Some assembly required
  • Weighs 55 lbs

Durability & Build Quality

Just like the VoltBike Elegant, we can’t ignore its step-thru design. That makes it so easy for the elderly to mount and dismount by adding extra support along the bottom, so a bar can be removed. You don’t have to bend at awkward angles to lift your legs.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The 350W rear-mounted geared hub really puts in the work when using the twist throttle. Fully implemented, you can drive The E-Joe Anggun Electric Bicycle at high speeds of 20mph. What about an ideal bike for mountain climbing? A good option to consider is in the Eahora AM100 review.

Range & Battery

More impressive than speed, the E-Joe Anggun Electric Comfort Bike can travel a distance of 50 miles on a single battery—a little more if you take advantage of pedal assistance. The DJ mountain bike can reach the same speed, but its range is a little less impressive at only around 37 miles. However, the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 45 has an identical range as the E-Joe Anggun but can carry an additional battery on the frame, so you can increase that range to around 100 miles.

Safety Features

The E-Joe Anggun Electric Comfort Bike has decent safety features, mostly naturally built into its build. Tektro mechanical disc brakes front and back, with the front fork implemented with suspensions. The suspension fork has a rebound, not a lockout. The most important safety feature is the integrated motor cutoff. When you start to brake, the power to the motor is cut. A bright LED headlight seals the deal.


Given how far the E-Joe Anggun Electric Comfort Bike can travel, and how fast it can be, that alone gets a seal of approval from us. The e-bike then continues to impress by providing a rear rack, comfortable seating, and a really smart motor cutoff system for extra safety. That doesn’t erase the fact that it’s $1899, like the Addmotor Motan. For a cheaper option, the Electrobike Gama Cruise is $1499.

E-Joe Anggun Electric Comfort Bike Wrap Up

The E-Joe Anggun Electric Comfort Bike goes the distance, as seen by its 50-mile range on a single charge. With the rear rack and a comfortable gel seating, it’s hard not to run errands. It can also cap out at 20mph, which is a good speed. Just know that you’ll have to perform some assembly.