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E-Cells Super Monarch Crown Review

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If you’re in the market for the best ebike for hills, the E-Cells Super Monarch Crown is a pretty impressive contender. Its dual batteries allow it a range of 30 – 60 miles on a full charge depending on how they’re used, and its all-wheel-drive makes it a contender as the best electric bike for the city or on the trail.

Why We Like It – E-Cells Super Monarch Crown

The E-Cells Super Monarch Crown AWD by E-Cells is a powerhouse thanks to its dual motors and dual batteries. The Display dashboard offers a breadth of information, and its pedal assist function helps immensely with long-distance travel, while the dual batteries mean you won’t be stranded when you get there. For a bike that can help you climb hills and span terrain, read the DJ mountain bikes review.

  • 400Lbs of load capacity
  • Dual motors offer more climbing power.
  • Comes with accessories like panniers and tool kit.
  • Very heavy at 92Lbs.
  • Pedal-assist is cadence based, not torque based.

Durability & Build Quality

The Monarch Crown electric bicycle offers full suspension and shock absorption that you would expect from a mountain or road ebike. The bike frame is made from an aircraft aluminum alloy, making it more durable than standard aluminum frames, and stainless steel beds for the spokes. The Monarch Crown also comes with accessories like a tool kit for quick fixes on the go and panniers that make transporting odds and ends easier. If you need a bike with a rear rack and comfortable sitting, check out our E-Joe Anggun electric comfort bike review. Additionally, the Cyclamatic CX1 electric bike fits this description as well and comes in at a lower price. However, if you would like another option with a large load capacity, check out the EWheels EW-29, an electric trike with a 400 lb capacity.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The Super Monarch gets up to 30Mph or about 48Kmh and features fat tires with Twin 750watt52v Bafang geared hub motors. This ebike features pedal assist and a throttle mode for cities or trail paths. The Super Monarch Crown all-wheel-drive dual motors are a class all their own, capable of tackling hills and mountains alike with ease. The Super Monarch is stiff competition, beating out competitors like the Haibike Sduro HARDSEVEN 2.0, who lack the specifications that make E-Cells’ AWD ebikes so powerful.

Range & Battery

The Super Monarch sports two batteries that can be run individually or in tandem to reduce the stress put on either in throttle mode or pedal assist. When fully depleted, the batteries can take up to 7 hours for a full recharge, beaten out by the HalloMotor 5000W FC-1, which offers a much shorter recharge period of 5 hours, but depending on how you ride, you can easily expect a range of 30 – 60 miles of range before your ebike becomes a heavier than average mountain bike.

Safety features

The Super Monarch AWD offers USB phone charge ports as well as a headlight and rear tail light, making night biking a safer option in the city or on the trail. The Monarch Crown’s weight is worth considering when talking about its safety; at 92Lbs and its ability to travel 32Mph makes it a wrecking ball if you’re caught off guard, though electric mountain bikes like the Addmotor Motan electric bike tend toward a minimum of at least 60 – 70 pounds.


The Super Monarch isn’t cheap, costing $3,995.00, but its Samsung battery offers a total of 1638 watt-hours of power, and its battery charger is capable of charging both at once. Those in the market for an ebike will be happy with this model, although if you don’t plan on using it often, you may be better served by an entry-level alternative for a fraction of the cost as weight. All that being said, its sturdy construction and full suspension mean that it can take a beating on trails, and you won’t be out the $3K. For about half as much, you can get the DJ Bikes folding e-bike for a more compact option. Alternatively, you can customize a Haibike Xduro with different frames and motor sizes before you buy if you don’t mind paying a premium price.

E-Cells Super Monarch Crown Wrap Up

The Monarch Crown is a stellar option for those who know what they want and want an ebike that doesn’t quit. The display dashboard offers a range of information and a 6km walking feature to walk beside it or power it upstairs, a welcome feature if you’ve ever tried carrying mountain bikes upstairs.

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