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Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson Unveils Its First Robot Vacuum After 16 Years

Dyson has been in the vacuum business for the past 16 years, and now the well-known appliance company has finally unveiled their first robot vacuum cleaner with their 360 Eye. The moving robotic vacuum is said to pack even more cleaning power than any others on the market. It’s Wi-Fi-connected and has its own app that allows you to schedule cleaning sessions for when you’re at work or out doing errands and will actually roam around your house to clean for 20 minutes before it automatically returns to its dock to charge.


To make it such a powerful robot vacuum, Dyson is fitted with cyclone technology and an energy-efficeint motor that can separate dust fro dirt, so it can suck up all unwanted particles, even the super small ones. There is also tons of infrared sensors and a panoramic lens with a 360-degree camera that can see your house it it cleans. Thanks to its army-styled caterpillar treads, the vacuum will ensure it maintains its speed across all surfaces it encounters in your home like rugs, tile and hardwood floors. It’ll go on sale spring 2015 in Japan first, with the rest of the world seeing it later next year.


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