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It isn’t just power that puts the Dyson Ball Allergy Vacuum on the map, it also happens to be arguably the best vacuum for allergies. Underneath its tough exterior is a HEPA filtration system that nabs tiny particles out of the air and keeps them trapped inside. Every time you clean you’re leaving the air just a little more cleaner than before.

Why We Like It – Dyson Ball Allergy

Packing an incredible number of air watts, the Dyson Ball Allergy Vacuum offers 7 tools bundled inside to which you can wield it’s awesome suction power, top to bottom, bare floors to carpet.

  • Powerful suction w/ HEPA filtration system
  • Small ball technology for easy steering
  • A plethora of tools, 7 in total
  • Expensive

Power, Speed & Efficiency

The Dyson Ball Allergy Vacuum has a great deal of suction power to wield. Plug it in and you’ll get to move around, sucking up debris with 245 air watts. The Miele Complete C3 doesn’t stand a chance. That kind of power lifts pet hair from both floors and upholstery. Speaking of which, the Dyson Ball is dual-action; you can sooner vacuum your carpets as you could your hardwood flooring. It matters not to the Dyson Ball Allergy Vacuum. More importantly, the HEPA filter inside captures tiny dust particles and traps them inside, so you’ll always end with cleaner air.

Bin Capacity, Maintenance & Durability

Despite being made of primarily plastic, the Dyson Ball Allergy Vacuum is quite sturdy. The most useful feature is the ball technology that allows for easy steering. Just flick your wrist and the vacuum moves with it. Maintenance is relatively low. Since this is a bagless design, unlike the Kenmore Elite Vacuum, you’ll have to occasionally clean out the canister. As for the dustbin, it can handle 0.55 gallons.


The hurdle you’ll have to pass is the Dyson Ball Allergy Vacuum’s price. Dropping $590 on a vacuum is steep. Is it worth it? With this package, you’re getting a sweet cache of utility and performance. Seven tools are bundled inside, which open up floor to ceiling cleaning. But if you have no intentions on cleaning (who has the time these days?), then you’ll want an iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum, due to its smart home functionality.

Dyson Ball Allergy Wrap Up

Few can match the Dyson Ball Allergy Vacuum in performance and design; it’s unique, through and through. Power suction drives the whole machine, with a bunch of attachments at the ready for full house cleaning. Given its easy steering, value, and performance, the price is the hardest part to swallow. You won’t regret it!

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