When you think of a self-cleaning vacuum, you think “Roomba,” end of story. Dyson wants to change that perception, and it has a new cleaning bot to help out – the 360 Eye. Oddly named for a vacuum cleaner, but apparently the little bot is full of promise.

The circular device weighs a bit over five pounds, and can hold 0.4 liters of debris. It comes with a V2 digital motor that is supposed to be more powerful than the other vacuum bots on the market. This is countered by a battery life that only extends to around 20 minutes. Fortunately, the little guy auto-docks, so he can return for a new charge and go back out to get the job done.

Dyson is also preparing an app for Android and iOS that will allow consumers to set up a schedule or ask for an on-demand cleaning in case of a sudden mess, some smart home versatility that is most welcome. It uses a combination of treads and a brush that is supposed to offer some extra stability when crossing various surfaces.

Dyson 360 Eye Charging
The Dyson 360 Eye can auto charge itself.

And let’s not forget that name: The 360 Eye does indeed come with a camera that can see in a full 360 degrees, allowing the bot to map itself more accurately in real time. No word on if you can look through the camera from the app, but that would be cool, too.

The 360 Eye will first be released in Japan, which is where we run into the first stumbling blocks: The unit costs the equivalent of $1,250. We get that Dyson prides itself on high-end vacuuming products, but that’s a steep price to ask the average family to spend on a smart bot when you can get a serviceable vacuum cleaner for almost a tenth of that price. Dyson has also mentioned that the Eye has had some trouble navigating certain aspects of Japanese architecture, which is probably why the release date has been pushed back to sometime in 2016.

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