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Durable Lightweight Carpet Janitorial Cleaner Review

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As number 3 in the best air blower buying guide, the max storm is a 1/2 hp, durable, lightweight air mover / carpet dryer blower floor fan that dries carpets, walls, and more. A rug doctor would have a much easier time doing their job with how much faster the carpet would dry. You might need the best tools to maintain this carpet blower.

Why We Like It – Durable Lightweight Carpet Janitorial Cleaner

This Durable Lightweight Carpet Janitorial Cleaner has enough power to be used to dry floors after they’ve been mopped or carpet cleaned. It makes carpet cleaning easier with how much faster it can dry a floor, and is housed in a durable shell that can even endure industrial environments.

  • Durable power cord
  • Powerful
  • Small
  • Not for outdoor use
  • Weighs 25 Lbs.


Carpet cleaners use dryers like this because they are strong enough to blow air across a room, unlike the xpower airrow multi use electric computer duster, which only has an airflow of 90 CFM. This pro janitorial cleaner / blue cleaning machine can be used to dry floors and walls, and can also be used to sweep small debris in bigger places such as garages and basements. However, it can’t be used for anything that requires too much accuracy and precision. For a great axe with precision cutting, you need to check out our Estwing Campers Axe splitting construction review.


Unlike the Jastind Professional Air Blower Gun that can dispense air at 17.7 CFM and endure the air pressure of 110 psi at the most, this air blower is designed to be used for larger-scaled applications rather than smaller, delicate, or precise applications. It can be adjusted at 3 different angles, and the switch that controls the speed settings is water resistant. It also comes with a 25 ft. Power cord so that there’s a better range to relocate the dryer without the need to turn it off. Read our Dremel Trio review for a durable rotary tool.


It’s much more expensive than the worx wg520 turbine leaf blower, but it’s also much more powerful and has a very durable shell. That shell is most likely what contributes to the price the most, as it’s made of polyethylene. Also in comparison to the WORX WG520, the design looks sturdier: Aside from the power cord, the max storm doesn’t have parts that can potentially stick out far enough to be a weak point. It also comes with a 1 year warranty for parts and labor, and a 5 year housing warranty.

Durable Lightweight Carpet Janitorial Cleaner Wrap Up

It has been featured in more than two “best carpet cleaner” videos on Amazon, and the customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, with a lot of reviews praising how powerful it is. However, before thinking of buying this, make sure you don’t confuse the MAX storm specifications with the MINI storm specifications to make sure you’re buying what you want.

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