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Dsteng Bike Lock Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Dsteng Bike Lock is a conventional cable lock –steel cable covered in PVC plastic to protect your bike, mated to an integrated combination lock cylinder. There’s a clever little light that illuminates the combo number with a push of a button to make unlocking easier at night. It’s not among the locks listed in the best bike lock buyer’s guide, but nevertheless is serviceable as a lower priced lock solution. If you prefer a U-lock configuration and/or need greater security then check out the Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy-Duty Bicycle U Lock, or the pairing of a U-lock with a cable as offered by the Via Velo Bike U Lock with Cable.

Why We Like It – Dsteng Bike Lock

The Dsteng Bike Lock is a low-priced cable combination bicycle lock solution that can be used to lock a bike, a scooter, a motorcycle, or whatever. A theft deterrent for under fifteen bucks US. I you prefer a chain lock instead, check out the Hiplok Spin bike lock.

  • Settable combination
  • Lighted combination tumbler
  • Flexible steel cable
  • Short cable length
  • Poorly written directions


The Dsteng Bike Lock is a plain and simple combination anti theft bike lock. Setting the four-digit combination to whatever numbers you desire is a bit frustrating (comparatively), mainly because the instructions are poorly written (included English language instructions are a best-effort translation that some describe as being written in Klingon). Once you get the hang of it, resetting the combo isn’t so difficult. Dsteng features a push button light making nighttime unlocking easier. No more juggling using the light on your smartphone to illuminate the combo numbers. The Dsteng seems sufficiently high quality enough to be comparable with other cable lock offerings. Its shorter length does limit some locking options. If you prefer a U lock instead, have a look at the Amazer Heavy Combination Bicycle Theft U lock.


Some consider cable style locks insufficient anti theft bike locks because they are perceived as being prone to cutting attacks, while others find a cable lock provides more secure locking options because of its length. The lighter weight of cable locks make them more transportable. The Dsteng weighs under a pound (10.5 oz.) and is just under 3 feet in length (31.5”). That’s on the short side (others provide 4-6 feet of cable length) which may limit certain locking techniques. Like most all cable locks the Dsteng cable is 0.5” steel covered in PVC plastic to prevent scratching bike frames. There’s a light on the locking pin that’s illuminated by the push of a button to cast light on the combo. Powered by a button cell battery it puts out just enough light to see the number wheel.


The Dsteng Bike Lock is bare-bones. A simple locking solution for a bike or for anything — motorcycle, gate, garage, fence. No mounting bracket provided, but the cable coils enough to make possible many different carrying alternatives. For under fifteen bucks you get reasonable protection, although unlikely able to defend against determined crooks. The Dsteng is okay for locking up in public areas for limited periods but unsuited for longer lock ups in less secure settings.

Dsteng Bike Lock Wrap Up

The Dsteng Bike Lock is great for those on tight budgets who need to protect their bike (or motorcycle or something else) during day-to-day journeys. Easy to carry on a bike, it’s enough deterrent value to thwart many attempted thefts as long as you make sure to lock up properly. If a keyed lock is preferable, then perhaps consider the SIGTUNA Bike Locks Heavy-Duty U Lock with Shackle.