There is a reason why DSLRs are the most complicated and expensive digital cameras in the market (barring a few others that are highly specialized). It is because a good DSLR can capture the best images with least distortion in practically any given condition.

While a DSLR may look more complex than your average point-and-shoot, it isn’t all that difficult to learn to use. In fact, the quality of the photographs make the extra monetary investment (and of course, your time and patience) worth it in the end.

Just like any other category of cameras, the best pro DSLRs are available in varying price ranges and functions. But keep in mind that the most-expensive ones are usually for highly specialized uses (like in sport photography), and therefore, it is smarter to choose one that combines your shooting needs, size requirements and price constraints.

Features of the Best Pro DSLR

While most DSLRs may appear to have similar features and comparable (if not identical) specs, the best pro DSLR has a little extra something that gives it an edge over the others.

The following are the various features that have factored in our evaluation, and which make for an impressive pro DSLR with the best overall performance:

1. Image Quality: Capturing Real Life
As we mentioned earlier, the real reason why DSLRs are a class apart from other cameras is because of the quality of images shot by them. But comparing this feature can be a little difficult. This is because different DSLRs have different features that make them appropriate for only certain shooting styles and conditions.

Keeping that in mind, there are 3 factors that determine good image quality – depth of color, low-light performance, and dynamic range. And the best pro DSLRs show outstanding performance in all three.

2. Size of Sensor

A good quality image is the product of a good sensor (including the 3 factors mentioned above). And for that reason 35mm, full-frame sensors will always have the upper hand over smaller APS-C sensors.

Not only do large sensors give you a shallower depth of field, which allows you to take photographs of in-focus objects with blurred-out backgrounds, they also do not crop out the image like smaller sensors.

3. Fantastic Video Recording Tools
DSLRs might have started out with the focus on capturing life-like images, but when the features allow you to capture exceptional videos as well, it is no wonder that professional videographers have started to use best pro DSLRs for this function.

In this regard, the resolution and frame-rate of the DSLR is evaluated, with higher resolution DSLRs with 30-60 fps (frames per second) best for videos of all kinds.

4. Ample Battery Life

The idea is simple: longer the battery life of your DSLR, lesser will be the interruptions caused by a failing battery during extended period events (like weddings). And the best pro DSLRs will have ample battery life to boot even after having exceptional features.

5. Add-Ons
While these do not affect the overall performance of a DSLR, these geeky features can make life in the smartphone age easier, which includes Wi-Fi, GPS, HDR, Panorama etc.

The Verdict

After careful evaluation, the following are the best pro DSLRs for overall use:-

1. Nikon D810 – excellent for professional shots and exceptional images.

2. Nikon D750 – Chock-full of features and in the lower price range.

3. Canon 1D-X – For snazzy sports photographers who like quick shots in any orientation.
You can make an informed decision too. Just remember: the best DSLR for your professional use should have the above and should also match your special needs.

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