Just as marathoners have perfectly fitted shoes, a photographer must have a camera that is perfectly suited to their needs. Nikon, one of the most widely-used brands today, has a wide variety of DSLR cameras on the market, which can make it difficult to figure out which one is the best. After working with many different cameras, I have come to the conclusion that the best Nikon DSLR is the D750. Here is a brief summary of the reasons why:

1) Superior image quality.
Like most of its kin, the D750 has incredible dynamic range and performs very well in low-light situations. Whether you are shooting landscapes, portraits or even concerts, you can capture crisp details– including shadows, highlights and important textural details.

2) The best autofocus technology on the market.
The D750’s autofocus function is quick and accurate, making it an ideal camera for anyone shooting in low-light or wildlife photography situations.

3) Durable and reliable.
No matter how technologically advanced a camera may be, it’s impractical to use if it is constantly falling apart or malfunctioning. The D750 is the most reliable Nikon DSLR available today. This camera was built to last– it has withstood a year of heavy usage without faltering once. I’ve never had a problem with it starting up slowly, freezing mid-shoot, or failing me in any way. It fires when I want it to without any hesitation. After all this time, it still feels brand new, and I have never had any issue with it.

4) Setup and ergonomics.
Again, practicality is a big part of figuring out which camera is going to work well, and which camera should be reserved only for entertainment purposes. The D750 is the best Nikon DSLR in terms of practicality. Its grip is comfortable– unlike many other DSLRs, which have exacerbated my carpal tunnel pains in the past– and it fits perfectly into my hands. This camera is small and light despite its power, which makes it easy to handle for hours at a time without experiencing hand or wrist pain.

The camera is laid out in a way that is easy to understand; navigation and button layout are both rather self-explanatory, and can be made even simpler if you read through the settings guide that comes with the camera.

In addition to being physically comfortable, the D750 features U1 and U2 modes, which can be programmed for two photography situations of your choosing (portraits, landscapes, low lighting, etc). Instead of fumbling through the menu, you can simply save your settings and switch back and forth between U1 and U2 at your leisure. Possibly my favorite D750 feature, though, is its tilting LCD screen.

5) Long battery life.
As far as battery life goes, the D750 is the most efficient Nikon DSLR. I rarely have to bring extra batteries when I shoot an all-day wedding, and I find its long battery life makes it far easier to travel with– I do not have to carry around half a dozen batteries everywhere I go.

6) Price.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this DSLR is affordable. It is currently priced at less than $2,000, which makes it a valuable investment for professionals.

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