The hunt for the best and brightest DSLR camera for video is a tricky one, with so many options on the market, it can be tiresome to get through them all and make a final decision. Lucky for you, we’ve created a “top five best DSLR cameras for video” list that includes five cameras that you’ll definitely want to check out. So let the research begin!

Option #1 – Canon EOS 70D

Price: $1000 for the body only, or $1349 for the 70D with the Canon 18-135mm STM lens

Description of the Camera: 

The Canon EOS 70D is a quality workhorse that never fails to deliver. With excellent video quality and unlimited lens options to choose from, this camera is ranked number one on our list without question. It has a great affordable price, and is extremely user friendly so it works well for a variety of photography experience levels. 

The key feature on this top-notch camera is the trick auto-focus. The special feature allows you to use the touchscreen to select the subject of the photo and from there, the 70D will track it across the screen wherever it goes. This is especially handy when filming sporting events or timelapses and it works wonderfully. The device also features a long battery life, a standard sd slot for extra storage, and wifi capabilities, so what’s not to love?

Option #2 – Sony Alpha a7S

Price: $2498 for the body

Description of the Camera:

The Sony Alpha a7S is best used in low light settings and projects that require wide shots. Though the camera body is small, it offers incredible footage and a quality design. Most impressively is the fascinating low light setting, to the surprise of many customers, the camera can literally see in the dark. 

One of the key features to the Sony Alpha a7S is that it is a full frame camera, capturing footage true to the frame size. Unfortunately though, this camera struggles with quick pans and tracks, so if you are keen on during action or sports filming, you might want to reconsider this option. 

Option #3 – Panasonic Lumix GH4 Mirrorless Camera

Price: $1699 for the body

Description of the Camera:

The Panasonic Lumix GH4 Mirrorless Camera is a very versatile, well-rounded device and features impressive 4K recording capabilities. Because this camera is mirrorless, the body is very compact and lightweight which makes it ideal for the traveller. 

The Panasonic Lumix GH4 Mirrorless Camera is fairly comparable to the a7S above, the major difference between the two is the size and of course the 4K recording as compared to the low light recording. Both are a steal on the market and will give results that are sure to impress, so don’t get too worked up over either one, just get out there and start filming!

Option #4 – Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

Price: $995

Description of Camera: 

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera is best for users who want to achieve cinematic shots without breaking the bank. It is also ideal for users who are comfortable and experienced with post-production color corrections. This camera has a very wide dynamic range and therefore can be compared to other models that are much more expensive (think Arri Alexa).

The BMPCC can provide you with best-in-class quality footage, an impressive dynamic range and the inconspicuous point and shoot like body. Unfortunately though, there are some major drawbacks to this camera too, which include short recording times, poor audio recording and a less established brand name. 

Option #5 – Canon C100 Mark II Cinema Camera

Price: 5,499

Description of the Camera: 

The Canon C100 Mark II Cinema Camera is an incredible choice for documentary filmmakers, low budget indie directors and those looking to step up their game a little bit. This camera is a full on professional purely designed with video shooting in mind. The pros for this camera are seemingly endless with a never ending battery life, awesome run-and-gun friendly ergonomics, and professional audio capturing to top it off. 

Little do most customers know, the Canon C100 Mark II Cinema Camera actually uses the same Super 35 sensor that is inside the C300, which retails for nearly $14,000 so this is really a steal of a deal for anyone looking to break into the professional world. 

Now that we’ve worked hard to bring you this unique and hopefully informative list of the top DSLR camera for filming, we encourage you to get out there and get filming. Good luck!