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Drum Earphones: Delivering A Concert Experience

Drum Earphones Deliver A Concert Experience
These earbuds deliver the audio you want.

If you haven’t heard about Tunai’s Drum earphones, you’re missing out. These high-resolution bass enhanced audiophile earbuds are not only a great value, but they also deliver concert quality sound. You might think that all earphones are the same, true audio snobs will tell you something different.

Drum Delivers Great Sound and Style

Earbuds are not all created equal and the Drum rises above the competition in both performance and style. They look great and the company put a lot of thought into the quality parts that they use, which are what deliver that superior sound. Let’s have a look at some of those parts.

The tweeter features an 8um diaphragm, while the woofer has a 13mm driver. That diaphragm boasts a lightning-quick response with crystal clear treble and is just 1/10 of a human hair thick. As you may know, the bigger the size of the driver, the bigger the bass is going to be. At 13mm you can expect some really powerful bass.

Some of the audio magic is in the cable that Tunai uses.In this case, it is an oxygen-free copper cable which provides amazing conductivity, leaving no doubt that you get distortion-free high notes and authentic sound accuracy. The Drum boasts a frequency response of 10HZ to 40,000HZ with a 32-ohm impedance.

Drum Earphones Deliver A Concert Experience

Drum delivers great sound with a rich bass.

Earphones That Look as Good as They Sound

Aside from the excellent sound quality that these earbuds deliver, they also look stylish.The Drum earphones come in several cool colors to fit your style, like Shadow Black, sterling silver, shine orange, meadow green, and turkish blue.

They definitely look better than 90% of the earbuds out there, most of which are plain black or white. I can see the style being very popular with joggers and other sporty people, but everyone can enjoy them.

The looks are just a bonus though. The sound of these earbuds is what you will appreciate the most.

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