Drivable Tron Light Cycle Bike Sells for $77,000

In a movie series about AI, parallel computer dimensions, VR gaming, and the nature of consciousness, it seems a little odd, in retrospect, that the most famous thing about Tron is probably the light cycle bike. Indeed, the glowy virtual motorbike remains so popular that a real-life version just sold for $77,000.

Lest you think that this is a new development among Tron fans, it’s not the first time someone has built a working light cycle, but it is the first time that prices have risen so high – and this particular light cycle is based very closely on the Tron: Legacy version of 2010 instead of the original bikes. It was built as part of the Andrews Collection by the father and son Andrews team and sold via Sotheby’s, where bids reached almost double the maximum expected price.


The bike features plenty of glowing blue lights to give it some authenticity, and runs on a 96 V direct-drive electric motor that uses lithium-ion batteries and a throttle function that works via computer controls. If you can stomach the positioning, the bike is quite drivable, according to the Andrews family, who tested it out.

Of course, just because it’s drivable doesn’t mean that it’s street legal – or very practical. It’s hard to think of an uneven surface that those shiny wheels would greet with anything but disastrous results: Perhaps if you have a smooth-floored warehouse or a digitally constructed arena made of light. But then, if you already have $77,000 to drop on a light cycle, who knows what your plans are?

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