DrillTop TV Antenna Amplifier Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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You may be thinking that you’re done looking for the Best TV Antenna when you finally buy and install it. But if you want to get even more channels you might want to check out some Best TV Antenna Amplifier too. The DrillTop TV Antenna is a great choice in this regard for its exceptional range and 4K capabilities.

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Why We Like It – DrillTop TV Antenna Amplifier

The DrillTop TV Antenna Amplifier is an excellent choice of TV antenna if you find yourself shopping around. It’s able to receive in 4K with crystal clear image quality and it’s abundant 80 mile range is perfect for city-dwellers and rural-dwellers alike.

  • Crystal Clear, High Quality HD TV Picture
  • Very Easy Set-Up
  • 80 Mile Range
  • Can’t Be Used Outside


One thing the DrillTop HD Antenna has over other HDTV Antennas is that this best indoor antenna can receive signals in 4K without any issues related to pixelation. But if that’s not something you’re overly concerned with, you can check out the Reliable Cable Product TV Digital Signal Amplifier Digital Antenna. Further, the DrillTop is powered by an amplifier signal booster to increase its range.

Ease of Install

The coax cable is included, but only if you need it. If you’d prefer to buy your own, consider the Antronix Four Output Amplifier. Set-up of the DrillTop Indoor HDTV antenna is painless too. All you have to do is place it in an area with good signal reception, connect the antenna directly to an HDTV, and then scan for channels. You should be able to get local channels and big stations like CNN and NBC easily.


The DrillTops’s TV Antenna Improved Patented Round Shape supports not only something more dynamic and lightweight, weighing only three and a half ounces, but also offers a much stronger signal. Of course, this does come with some drawbacks. You won’t be able to use it outside, like you can with the Channel Master Ultra Mini 2 TV Antenna Amplifier, so you’re stuck with placing it indoors where signal strength may not be as strong.


The DrillTop not only has a USB powered boost amplifier clear picture technology, but this also means it has a long range signal strength of 80 miles. This 80 miles range support fire stick so you can not only watch local TV but also stream something if you don’t like what’s on TV right now. It’s also great for people who live in rural communities where TV towers are much farther away. Couple it up with a high performing TV antenna such as the GE Pro Outdoor Antenna, and you will never be bored at home.


Reviews for the DrillTop Tv are largely positive, scoring a respectable 4/5 stars on Amazon based on a whopping 12,535 reviews. If a one time buy is what you’re looking for when canceling your cable and going back to antennas, then the DrillTop Tv Antenna is sure to please. I’d like to tell you how inexpensive it is too, but it’s unavailable right now. Hopefully sometime in the near future.

DrillTop TV Antenna Amplifier Wrap Up

They went with sleekness and power over durability with the DrillTop TV Antenna. You can’t use it outside, but boy does it have some exceptional range and crazy power. It also looks a lot better than all those boxy TV amplifiers you’re used to seeing. Is this trade worth it? Well, we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

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