Dreambaby Clip-On Stroller Fan Review

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Updated July 11, 2022
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Sometimes the price doesn’t equate to quality. The Dreambaby Clip-On Stroller Fan is not one of those cases. It might not be the best fan out there. However, it is the safest stroller fan you can buy because of its foam blades. It’s just about as safe as the leading bladeless fans.

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Why We Like It – Dreambaby Clip-On Stroller Fan

What the Dreambaby Clip-On Stroller Fan does get right is its flimsy build quality that won’t ever have a chance of hurting infants. And the clip has enough give to it to clip onto any surface, be it thick or thin.

  • Foam bladed fans for protection
  • Reasonably long battery life depending on the type of battery
  • Adjustable flexible neck
  • Not very different than a toy fan in terms of performance


Being slightly bigger than a toy fan, people expect it to perform a lot better. And it does in some cases. The foam blades are big and bulky and can move a lot of air and work fine as a stroller fan. But in most cases, that isn’t enough, and not having proper directional grills to point the airflow really does hurt this fan. If you need a better-performing fan, read our review on the ComLife F170 Clip-On stroller fan or the HJIAN 5 clip-on fan.

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Keeping the price constraints in mind, this stroller fan is very cheaply made, unlike the Genesis Convertable Table Top fan, which is super sturdy. You can rip the foam blades in half very quickly. Other parts of the fan are very flimsy too. But that flimsiness is what is going to keep your baby safe. If you need a better-built fan, go for the BLUBOON Clip-On Fan.

Noise/Sound Level

This is the only category where the fan nails it. It is very quiet through and through. Even if you run through an entire set of battery 6-12 hours continuously, you won’t be able to hear any noise from this stroller fan.

Versatility/Modern Features

The clip attached to this Dreambaby stroller fan is extensively wide. So you should be able to clip it on most surfaces (e.g., a car seat) to keep your little one cool. However, a better option that you can use in the baby’s room would be the Vornadobaby Breesi LS Nursery Fan.


Many will expect it to be an excellent value-for-money fan as it’s coming at such a low price. Unfortunately, however, that is not the case. It is decent enough to cool a kid at a low price. But for adults, you can get a way better fan if you are willing to spend a few more changes.

Dreambaby Clip-On Stroller Fan Wrap Up

The Dreambaby Clip-On Stroller Fan is decent for people with infants and newborn babies. But this is one of the cases where you really should wait and save up a bit more money to buy a better stroller fan with a clip.

Debanjan Chowdhury Profile image