Dr. Brown’s HappyPaci Silicone Pacifier Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Dr. Brown’s HappyPaci Silicone Pacifier is easy to clean, BPA Free, and affordable. Really, all the things you could want in a pacifier. It may be slightly too big for literal newborns, but their babies, they’ll grow into it. Check out our best pacifiers list for more great options! It is one way to improve the health wellness of your child.

Why We Like It – Dr. Brown’s HappyPaci Silicone Pacifier

Dr Brown’s HappyPaci Soft Silicone Pacifier is shaped like a bottle nipple to provide your little one with a familiar sucking apparatus and its one piece construction eliminates the possibility of a choking hazard. Finally, it’s available in adorable pink and blue. A simple choice for a simple, yet effective pacifier.

  • Dishwasher and Sterilizer Safe
  • BPA Free
  • Affordable
  • Could Cause Nipple Confusion
  • May be Slightly too Big for Literal Newborns


With Dr. Brown’s HappyPaci Pacifier, soothing an infant is simple because it is a pacifier shaped like Dr Brown’s bottle nipple. The Dr. Brown’s HappyPaci Pacifier is also dishwasher and sterilizer safe. With two ways to clean it should be easy to keep it shiny for your baby. The pacifier is intended for 0-6 months. An average age range and one quite suitable for newborns. Consider the Philips Avent SCF190/01 Soothie 0-3mth if you’d like a tighter age range. In case you want a scented skin cream that moisturizes and provides deep care, open our Dove whipped body cream review.


The Dr. Brown HappyPaci Pacifier features a one piece construction that moms love. Perfect for parents who worry that a pacifier split into too many pieces poses a choking hazard. It’s also BPA Free so you don’t need to worry about your baby eating plastic during their formative years. The butterfly shaped shield curves away from a baby’s face to allow it to breathe and provide extra comfort. Check out the Evenflo Feeding Balance Cylindrical Pacifier for a similar, comfortable design.


The Dr. Brown’s HappyPaci Silicone Pacifier is made easy because of the familiar Dr Brown’s nipple shape baby has become accustomed to. The Pacifier is available in pink and blue, most likely blue for boys and pink for girls, and retails for $5.00 on Amazon for a pack of three. A fair price, if not a little on the inexpensive side, but consider Nuk Orthodontic Pacifiers 5-Pack if you would like some more colour variety or a pacifier that’s slightly less expensive.

Dr. Brown’s HappyPaci Silicone Pacifier Wrap Up

While there may be a slight chance of nipple confusion and size issues, Dr. Brown’s HappyPaci Silicone Pacifier has everything you could want in a pacifier. And considering it’s so easy to clean and non-toxic, you can feel safe your baby won’t be ingesting any harmful dirt, bacteria, or plastic. Feel free to also check out our Dr. Browns newborn pacifier review.

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