DPS Airbag System Provides Motorcycle Riders Ultimate Safety

When riding the best motorcycles, safety is important. Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling, yet scary at the same time. For those who want as much protection as possible while riding on their bike can opt to get the DPS Airbag System from Spidi, a world leader company on motorcycle apparel and accessories. Throughout the years, the company has won awards for their innovative safety ideas and their DPS Airbag System is one of them.

The inflatable, double cushion will wrap around the rider’s neck and clavicle area, working along the helmet for a never seen before level of safety. It weighs only 480 grams and takes only 0.2 seconds to fully inflate, making it a sensible device in case of a crash. The DPS Airbag System is available integrated in three different products, a vest, a jacket and a one piece leather tracksuit. It’s available for purchase for about $539.

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